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Powerstar round-up issue 64






Welcome to the latest round-up, summarising and showcasing the highlights of the latest news, activities and events of Powerstar and the industry for you.

1) Integrated solutions

As the necessity to ensure that businesses continue on their journey towards carbon neutrality intensifies it is especially important that newer technologies can integrate with those technologies already in place.

This is why although we do not manufacture CHP and solar technologies, we have partnerships in place with numerous suppliers that allow us to source such technologies for integration with a wider smart energy strategy.

Learn more about how we integrate solutions here…

2) Person of the year

We are delighted to announce that one of our Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) associates, Dr Olivia Zeng has been nominated for the KTP person of the year award.

In her role as a Power System Engineer, Olivia has worked tirelessly to transfer and embed her knowledge gained from her PhD in Control and Power Electronics from Sheffield Hallam University.

Olivia said ” I am very proud to be nominated for this award and to be recognised for how I have applied my knowledge commercially.”

We all wish Olivia the very best of luck!

Learn more about the award here…

3) Seamless travel

The reliability of energy is an important aspect of any industry but the transport sector, in particular, is heavily impacted by low security of supply.

This has been seen in the news recently with power shortages bringing disruption to major transport hubs such as Manchester Airport and London’s Paddington railway station.

These disruptions can be prevented through energy storage solutions with full Uninterruptible Power Supply capabilities such as Powerstar VIRTUE.

Discover how Powerstar VIRTUE can mitigate such issues here…


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