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Powerstar’s Voltage Optimisation: The Impact on the Retail Sector


Smart energy solutions continue to become more and more prevalent in today’s world, as businesses navigate the impact of COVID-19 on their operations and the effect increasing renewable generation is having on our electricity grid.

As the UK continues to move towards the Government’s 2050 net zero target, pressures continue to rise for businesses to actively pursue opportunities to enhance energy efficiency and reduce energy costs, consumption, and carbon emissions within their organisations.

As a global leader in voltage optimisation within multiple sectors, Powerstar recently published a retail case studies brochure, highlighting some of its key installations across this global sector, including Morrisons, Aldi, Asda, Carrefour, and more. Retail continues to be a key sector that benefits from Powerstar’s solutions, due to the sector’s long operating hours, the need to ensure overhead costs remain low, and the requirement to protect operations from energy-related failures.

Powerstar has installed over 2,000 voltage optimisation solutions within the Retail market, obtaining average electricity consumption savings of 8-10% protected by a 100% savings guarantee. Powerstar’s patented solution gives businesses up to 15 years warranty and a typical payback period below 3 years, demonstrating why this solution has seen great success within the Retail sector.

How Can Voltage Optimisation Support Your Business To Enhance Energy Efficiency?

Powerstar’s voltage optimisation technology, which is proven by independent review and patented in design, not only helps businesses reduce and regulate their voltage profile, but also helps contribute to enhancing their energy efficiency. Multiple businesses within the Retail sector have benefitted from Powerstar’s voltage optimisation, such as The Co-operative Group, who is currently benefitting from average electricity consumption savings of 12%, with a £10,500 average financial saving per store per year.

Voltage optimisation has a wide range of benefits, including helping businesses save money on electricity costs, protecting businesses’ corporate social responsibility and reputation through reduced carbon emissions, as well as helping to reduce premature burnout of electrical equipment due to high input voltage.

Additionally, voltage optimisation can help businesses suffering from voltage dips and spikes, which are continuously becoming more common due to grid stability issues, and can trip electrical equipment. Both the changes in electricity demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the introduction of more renewable energy generation on to the electricity grid as part of the energy transition, are causing sever voltage fluctuations for many businesses, sometimes causing site-wide brownouts or blackouts. Powerstar’s voltage optimisation can combat this to provide businesses with a stable voltage supply by using intelligent electronic controls which automatically adjust to the incoming voltage and ensure a constant level.

Powerstar’s technology also offers businesses online remote monitoring functionality, which allows for easy verification of savings on a daily basis. Through this simple and secure login, businesses are able to view their key performance data, such as real time energy savings, the current site load, and various other reports and alerts regarding the system’s performance.

Energy Optimisation System (EOS): take full control of your energy

Beyond voltage optimisation, Powerstar can also provide a holistic smart energy solution and integrate multiple technologies, such as renewable generation and energy storage technology, depending on the customer’s requirements and goals. Powerstar’s Energy Optimisation System (EOS) provides a complete approach for businesses to optimise their energy use through enabling the monitoring, managing, and reporting of energy flows between grid supply, generation supply and load demand, including in support of EV charging facilities, which puts considerable strain on energy demand.

Through considering the full site perspective, this bespoke and in-house developed Energy Management System can support businesses through automated prioritisation of activities, based on real data and sophisticated algorithms, which will help them optimise their output and asset operation centrally.

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