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Prestigious nomination for so-lo


We are proud to announce that less than a year since its launch, Powerstar SO-LO was nominated for Electrical Review’s Power Product of the Year award.

To be nominated for such a prestigious award, and in such a short space of time, highlights the leading capabilities of Powerstar SO-LO and its status as a means of substantially upgrading the HV infrastructure of a site.

Powerstar SO-LO is the only range of super low loss transformers to be designed and manufactured in the UK and can reduce core losses by up to 75% when compared to ageing traditional cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon steel (CRGO) transformers. This is because the internal structure of the amorphous alloy core is more flexible than CRGO which therefore allows easy magnetisation and demagnetisation to take place. In addition to this, higher efficiencies can be achieved through the amorphous material due to its atomic structure and thickness.

Furthermore, Powerstar SO-LO has been designed and developed with Industry 4.0 in mind. Consequently, Powerstar SO-LO boasts integrated online remote monitoring capabilities that allows 24/7 visibility to help you better understand how your transformers are performing and where efficiencies can be made to obtain the best return on investment. The remote monitoring capabilities provide comprehensive data and intelligence on the performance of the system. The key characteristics that the system monitors include oil analysis, volts on each phase, power factor, core temperature, harmonic distortion, and total system kWh. The remote monitoring platform can also integrate with other energy management technologies, such as voltage regulation, to allow for the easy tracking of performance across multiple assets.

It is a measure of the leading-edge characteristics of Powerstar SO-LO that it has been nominated for an industry-leading award less than a year since its launch and we thoroughly appreciate the nomination from Electrical Review.

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