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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Public Sector

Public Sector Procurement Frameworks

We work across a range of public sector procurement frameworks that can provide you with an effective way of bringing a tender to market. This will give you the structure you need to easily compare responses.

The Public Sector Procurement frameworks we work across include:

Crown Commercial Services

Crown Commercial Services play an important role for public sector organisations saving money when procuring goods and services. They are the biggest public procurement organisation in the UK. Owing to their size their aim is to get the best commercial deals in the interests of tax payers. Find Out More

HELGA – Heat Networks and Electricity Generation Assets

HELGA supports public sector customers and provides specialist suppliers – whatever their size – access to those customers. For customers, HELGA is a flexible and compliant way to access a full range of market participants for any energy generation or efficiency projects they wish to run. Find Out More

LASER – Zero Carbon – Consult, Design and Install, Reference Number DN535888 Accredited

LASER Energy is part of the Commercial Services Group. Commercial Services Group is one of the largest trading organisations of its kind in the UK with its school supplies division KCS established over 70 years ago. As an organisation it offers a range of products and services ranging from educational school supplies, recruitment, energy, landscaping and inspection services. Find Out More

Powerstar have been awarded accreditation for Lot 3 – Technological solutions consultancy & Lot 4 Technological solutions delivery. This includes:

  • Specialism 8 – Battery Storage standalone grid-connected or behind the meter including microgrids
  • Specialism 15 – Site level Smart grid, local active network management technologies and virtual power plant technologies. For example, to integrate technologies such as solar PV, battery storage, EV charging and electrically powered heating on a local smart network.
  • Specialism 17 – New and emerging technologies. This lot is open to technologies not listed in other Specialisms which reduce carbon emissions through efficiency improvements or renewable energy forms.


Powerstar is a part of the Lexica Net Zero Carbon Delivery Framework Agreement which will provide a model for public sector bodies wishing to implement low/zero carbon technologies.

The framework is open to all public sector bodies aiming to progress their zero carbon ambitions in line with legislative and sector-led reduction target, and encompasses a range of technologies such as battery energy storage, renewable generation, voltage optimisation, and EV charging. Find Out More


Powerstar has been chosen as a supplier for Lexica’s Battery Storage Framework that supports public sector clients to procure battery storage solutions to help reduce fixed and variable charges, and generate savings by reducing DUoS and Capacity Market charges, and utilise grid incentives such as Firm Frequency Response (FFR). Find Out More

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London City Hall

A flagship building for the Greater London Authority's net zero efforts, voltage regulation helped to significantly boost energy efficiency

NHS: Rotherham General Hospital

Powerstar were engaged to replace a large hospital’s existing Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system with a more efficient, intelligent Battery Energy Storage (BESS) alternative.

South Staffordshire Council

South Staffordshire Council were looking to install a battery energy storage system that provided them with site-wide UPS resilience

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