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Straightforward Savings Solutions: A Voltage Optimisation Video

As a result of the continuously rising energy prices that were first experienced late last year, due to the combination of wholesale rises and the end of long-term fixed contracts, some organisations are seeing up to a 40% increase to their energy bill which is having a significant effect on their bottom line. Furthermore, with ever-increasing sustainability pressures from governmental bodies, it is more important than ever to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Our smart energy solutions represent a proven, reliable and effective way of offsetting these rising energy costs, and we have recently developed a video on our voltage optimisation range of technologies to explain the variety of benefits that are on offer from the Powerstar LITE, Powerstar MAX, and Powerstar HV MAX solutions.

Each of our voltage optimisation technologies, as well as their benefits and key applications, are explained in the informative animated video.

The video explains a range of topics, including issues such as the requirement for voltage optimisation in the UK, the general benefits of voltage optimisation, and the business case for voltage optimisation. The video also discusses the financial aspect of the process by explaining the variety of flexible finance options that can be utilised to purchase a Powerstar voltage optimisation solution, alongside details regarding the return of investment from the solutions, and the process of how Powerstar provides clients with a proposal.

Finally, the video closes by taking a look at the many industries that Powerstar has been installed in, for which a range of approved case studies can be found and browsed here, and how Powerstar’s range of voltage optimisation products are distributed globally through the approved Powerstar partner network.

You can view the full video here:


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05 February 2019

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Video timestamps

If you want to view or share a specific section of the Powerstar video, there are a number of timestamps below highlighting the different topics covered:

00:04 – Introduction to Powerstar

00:22 – Voltage optimisation explained

01:19 – Fixed voltage optimisation

01:39 – Variable voltage optimisation

02:08 – A combined solution

02:34 – The benefits of voltage optimisation

02:50 – The business case for voltage optimisation

04:34 – Industries benefitting from voltage optimisation

05:18 – Contact Powerstar


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