American Electric Power (AEP) Tests Powerstar At Its Renowned Dolan Research Center, Ohio, USA

As a market leading manufacturer of voltage optimisation technologies, we are always open to opportunities which enable our systems to be independently tested and verified. Not only does this allow us to indisputably highlight the savings potential of Powerstar on a variety of electrical loads, it also enables us to accurately showcase the correct applications for voltage optimisation and dispel any misconceptions surrounding the technology.

Among previous tests and demonstrations, we have displayed how Powerstar technology can achieve savings on, LED and VSD’s which most of our competitors are unable to do.

Independent testing into savings and equipment efficiencies

Recently, a Powerstar system was provided to the American Electric Power (AEP) Dolan Research Center in Ohio, USA, where full tests were performed on compressors and pumps. AEP wanted to ensure that all tests were under laboratory conditions in order to clearly verify the effect of the Powerstar system. Some of the results can be seen in the graph below.

The most important aspect in the AEP results is not only the kWh savings (6.7% at 15V reduction) but also the compressor timings. Time to achieve the same output from same input conditions was also slightly reduced. Therefore with Powerstar in circuit, there was a 6.7% energy saving and it took the compressor slightly less time to do the same job, an impressive result for Powerstar VO.

It clearly shows that running equipment at their design characteristics not only reduces the energy consumption but also improves the effectiveness of equipment. It is our unique Powerstar patented design that allows such savings in energy (kWh) to be achieved on a load.

The full report is available to download, simply enter a few details into the form below.


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