An Integrated Approach – Energy Storage Webinar on Demand

VIRTUE: An Integrated Approach

On 21 August 2018, Ricky Higgins, Powerstar’s Proposals and Tendering Manager, explored a variety of ways in which energy storage can be integrated with existing energy efficiency and smart technologies to optimise security of supply, energy efficiency, energy savings, and the benefits of demand side response.

During the webinar, Ricky discussed the importance of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) in the current and future energy landscape in the UK, as well as the benefits of Powerstar’s innovative energy storage and smart energy solution, VIRTUE.

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Why watch the recording?

This webinar enables viewers to:

  • Explore how energy storage is necessary for the energy transition
  • Review the business case for energy storage
  • Discover why energy resilience is increasingly important
  • Learn how energy storage can be integrated with existing technologies for maximum benefits
  • Explore how an integrated energy storage solution can be delivered capex and opex free

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21st August 2018


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