High Energy Users (HV) Voltage Optimisation Webinar Recording


On 10 April 2018, Russ Pemberton, Powerstar Sales Manager, delivered a short and informative webinar, entitled ‘High Energy Users (HV): is your inefficient transformer wasting money?’, to explore some of the common causes of excessive energy costs, including inefficient transformers and the negative effects of excessive voltage, before covering the solutions available to combat those problems at the source.

Following the event, we have now made the recording available for a limited time for everyone to watch on demand. Simply complete the short form at the bottom of this page to access the recording.

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Why watch the recording?

This webinar enables viewers to:

  • Explore how high energy users who operate their own distribution transformer could be paying for excess energy due to an inefficient transformer
  • Understand the efficiencies to be gained from a super low loss amorphous transformer
  • Receive insight into the Powerstar HV MAX patented design and the additional savings achieved through negative power (back EMF)
  • Learn how and where a combined solution for HV and LV can be best utilised for the best results

To access the recording please complete the short form below.


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