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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Sealing the deal on power resilience: energy storage case study





Delivering the highest quality of products is a primary concern for manufacturers, therefore ensuring production is precise and uninterrupted so that strict timeframes can be met is of utmost importance.

In the latest Powerstar case study, the benefits of the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities of Powerstar VIRTUE are explored. The client is a manufacturer of critical component seals for use in a variety of pumps and equipment worldwide to prevent leakage of liquids or gasses, so their customers depend on products to be of the highest quality and reliability.

The manufacturer’s production line utilises automated technology for both speed and precision. When such equipment is used, any disruptions to the production process can cause problems which take time to rectify, interrupting business processes, and can also be costly if the product is spoiled due to the disturbance. Therefore, minimising these events is highly important to ensure productivity goals are met and unnecessary risks are avoided.

The site was experiencing regular losses of power, sometimes several within a period of only a few hours which was resulting in escalating costs for the manufacture. To resolve this, Powerstar recommended the installation of a VIRTUE battery energy storage system with seamless uninterruptible power supply (UPS) capabilities, meaning it could react to any power issues within milliseconds and prevent the load from experiencing any loss of power.

A 500kW/500kWh Powerstar VIRTUE was designed, manufactured and delivered complete with Powerstar’s energy management system to optimise the asset’s performance based on a number of algorithms designed around site priorities. This means when the system is not required for power resilience, other functions can be utilised to enhance the return on investment (ROI), such as partaking in grid contracts for additional revenue.

The full case study shows how, during multiple power failures that occurred following the installation, the Powerstar VIRTUE system protected and operation was able to continue as normal.

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