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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Electronics Manufacturing

The UK electronics manufacturing sector is undergoing significant growth after a two-decade decline was reversed in 2017.

The explosive growth of digitisation and electrification presents huge opportunities for innovative manufacturers. However, to capitalise on these opportunities, it is vital that businesses in this sector are able to produce goods efficiently and reliably. The steadily growing risk of power disruption represents one of the biggest factors that could derail productivity.

How to achieve power resilience for your manufacturing site

The precise and high-value nature of many manufacturing processes in the electronics sector makes them particularly vulnerable to power disruption. Blackouts and brownouts could both have significant financial implications through lost opportunities, productivity and wastage. Even minor disruptions such as spikes or sags in voltage risk disrupting or damaging sensitive production equipment or products.

A site-wide Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) protects your equipment and operations from these risks, keeping your manufacturing processes up and running even in the event that main grid power is lost.

A comprehensive power resilience solution that incorporates not only UPS but power quality management is best suited to most electronics manufacturing. This ensures that your equipment is continuously supplied with a consistent, reliable level of power quality to keep it running optimally.

Effective power management beyond power resilience

Unlike traditional UPS that provides only backup power in the event of a disruption event, Resilience+ uses a battery energy storage solution to provide site-wide UPS plus a wide range of additional functionality. Steadily increasing energy bills are of particular concern for high energy users, meaning that the improved energy efficiency and other cost-saving options presented by a battery are particularly beneficial.

Pressure is mounting on the manufacturing sector to reduce its impact on total carbon emissions. For many electronics manufacturers, this is particularly pertinent given the growing expectation from retailers, consumers and business end users for suppliers to commit to binding sustainability plans. A battery energy storage solution achieves this both through bolstering energy efficiency and improving the performance of on-site generation.

Applications of Resilience+

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