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Power resilience for a net zero world

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All commercial and industrial energy users can benefit from improved quality and resilience in their power supply.

Depending on your desired application, we can support you with our range of bespoke technologies including battery energy storage, voltage regulation, transformers, and a sophisticated microgrid control. In some sectors, Resilience+ is an essential application and critical to achieving your aims and objectives


The healthcare sector has by far the most critical requirement for a consistent, reliable electricity source.


The dawn of Industry 4.0, automation and robotics has made manufacturing sites more dependent than ever on a high quality, consistent, and reliable power supply.

Data Centres

Power disruption for a data centre represents probably the single biggest business risk to their operations.

Public Sector

The public sector consumes £3.4 billion of energy every year, with £1.1 billion attributed to the NHS.

Retail & Distribution

Ever-growing pressure for retail and distribution businesses to respond and deliver quickly and sustainably means a consistent and reliable power supply is essential.


The UK’s defence sector is made up of a broad and varied mix of often large estates and sites, including manufacturing plants, ports, testing facilities and bases.

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