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Savings Measurement & Verification

A savings Measurement & Verification (M&V) service is provided with Powerstar systems offering a thorough analysis of project results to enable clients to understand the savings achieved through the installation of either a voltage optimisation or energy storage technology.
Powerstar follows a standard methodology when providing Measurement & Verification which is carried out through a methodical framework in line with internationally recognised measurement standards such as IPMVP.

The Measurement & Verification service provided to clients has been commended as a sound and accurate procedure by independent auditors and verification specialists.

In addition to verifying savings from all installations, clients are supported with either a 10 or 15 year warranty period (depending on country of installation) which includes all parts and labour. Exact details and full warranty periods of each system are communicated clearly with clients as part of the proposal.

100% Savings Guarantee on Voltage Optimisation Systems
Powerstar 100% Savings Guarantee

All Powerstar voltage optimisation systems (LITE, MAX, HV MAX) are supported by a 100% savings guarantee which is analysed through the Measurement & Verification service via the 5 step process below:

  1. A comparison of kWh data, 28 days pre-install and 28 days post install
  2. A comparison of kWh data, 28 days post-install against the same dates year on year (pre-install)
  3. A comparison of kWh data, 84 days post-install against the same dates year on year (pre-install)
  4. Regression analysis based on kWh consumption and variables such as weather, holiday periods etc.
  5. Verification of the savings achieved from negative power feedback (back EMF)

If, following the above steps, the savings outlined in the proposal are not achieved the guarantee would result in the client receiving a one-off payment to cover the shortfall as outlined below:

  • The proposal guarantees: 10% saving worth £15,000 per annum with 2.8yr payback
  • Actual savings achieved: 8% saving worth £12,000 per annum
  • Shortfall: 2% saving worth £3,000 per annum
  • 100% Guarantee Payback: One-off payment of £3,000 x 2.8 = £8,400

The Voltage Optimisation Business Case

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