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Surveys and Inspections

We offer a variety of surveys & inspections to suit the needs of your business, they include:





Powerstar utilises the electrical experience of its expert project engineers to provide performance inspection surveys, which cover the HV and LV electrical equipment on a client’s site.

The Electricity at Work regulations require “all systems to be maintained so as to prevent danger”. Furthermore, HSE guidelines state “regular inspection and testing is an essential part of any maintenance programme”. Powerstar’s inspection ensures their clients adhere to this and whilst Powerstar voltage optimisation systems are maintenance free, companies are required to ensure any electrical equipment they have is maintained and inspected regularly.

By having a performance inspection survey you will:
  • Meet current safety regulations
  • Identify further savings opportunities for your business
  • Ensure maximum energy efficiency from your transformer (HV)
  • Be reassured of the safety of your electrical transformer (HV)
  • The survey will provide a full multi page report outlining findings and any recommendations along with options to enhance savings.






Powerstar can provide a site survey for clients who wish to determine the most effective method to reduce electricity consumption on their site.

The Powerstar site survey is split into three parts:

1. Installation evaluation

The installation section of the survey focuses on space restrictions and circuit protection. The information will then be assessed to provide the client with a detailed cost for installation and to inform them where the best location is to position the Powerstar voltage optimisation system on site in order to make the best energy savings.

2. Determine the voltage profile on-site

By analysing the on-site voltage profile of a site it enables the correct voltage optimisation system and settings to be identified and specified. A minimum of six spot readings are taken on site to determine where the lowest voltage occurs, the voltage drop on the supply and if there are any voltage issues.

3. Non-eligible load breakdown

The non-eligible load breakdown identifies the loads within a site that will benefit from reduced electricity consumption following installation of a Powerstar voltage optimisation system and highlights the loads within a site that will not.

The non-eligible loads are detailed to the client in the proposal and taken into consideration, along with the voltage optimisation setting, when calculating a kWh energy saving percentage. This percentage is used to calculate the payback period and Return on Investment percentage for the client.





In addition, we also offer a Power Quality audit and evaluation service to clients to help identify current and potential Power Quality issues and specify the solutions available to rectify these.

What is Power Quality?

Power Quality is the interaction of electrical power with electrical equipment. Put simply, if your electrical equipment on site operates reliably then your electrical power is of good quality. However, if your electrical equipment malfunctions or is unreliable during normal use then the chances are you have poor power quality.

Indications of poor Power Quality include:

  • Repeated equipment failure / unexpected equipment shutdown
  • Breakers tripping/fuses blowing
  • Transformers or motors running hot
  • Flickering or blinking lights

In the majority of all cases the cost of protecting a building from poor Power Quality is significantly lower than the costs associated with the problem itself.

Powerstar offer a complete Power Quality audit, from an initial analysis and identification of problems through to the commission and installation of equipment to rectify any issues. We ensure that the most effective approach is taken to save you money and improve electrical efficiency.

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