What are Powerstar Services?

Powerstar Services is a new offering from Powerstar thatPowerstar Services provides a full range of solutions developed to meet the changing needs of customers in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

More than a list of products and services, Powerstar Services are delivered through a simple, 4 step process that consists of analysis, inspection, implementation, and management of energy related functions. It offers a tailored and intelligent approach to energy management and is provided to businesses that want to understand how they can maximise efficiencies, provide energy resilience and cut costs on energy consumption and bills within their site or portfolio.

Why Powerstar Services?

The energy market is fast-paced and constant changes can have a profound impact on your business, therefore it is vital that we make recommendations based on data gathered from your site to enable us to take advantage of the opportunities that arise to ensure your site is, and remains, running optimally. That’s why our service solution is an ongoing process.

By implementing Powerstar Services, it will provide improvements to the efficiency, flexibility, and reliability of your site’s energy by analysing, monitoring and managing your site and your priorities over time. Our services are built around a customer-centric mindset and delivered through a concept to completion approach which revolves around us keeping our customers informed at every step of the process and on a continuous basis.

Due to the tailored approach, the benefits delivered through Powerstar Services vary. However, they can encompass all of the below:

  • Energy consumption and cost savings
  • Increased reliability & life span of critical equipment and infrastructure
  • Power efficiency through patented voltage optimisation technology
  • Supply resilience through full Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities
  • A robust, tailored maintenance service with reduced maintenance costs
  • Carbon emission reductions
  • In-depth understanding of further opportunities and efficiencies
  • Peace of mind from a complete solution
  • Remote monitoring of assets for real-time asset information



To enable us to provide customers with a customised, fit for purpose service we undertake a simple 4 step process, delivered from concept to completion constructed around the requirements and priorities of each customer:


Powerstar exhibiting at EMEX

Powerstar, a leading provider of smart energy solutions, is exhibiting Powerstar VIRTUE, a complete energy storage system for behind-the-meter applications, at this year’s Energy Management Exhibition (EMEX). The exhibition takes place from the 21st – 22nd November, 2018 at the ExCel centre in London. During the event, on 21st November, Dr. Alex Mardapittas, Chief Executive...