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Smart Energy Solutions

Energy Optimisation & Efficiency

As electricity prices continue to rise and pressure mounts for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, it is vital for businesses to actively manage and optimise their energy profile to be as efficient as possible. Energy optimisation helps reduce both CO2 emissions and electricity costs, bolsters resilience and can free up capital which can be reinvested into core business activities.

Where to start with energy optimisation and efficiency?

Inefficiencies can be present in your site’s electricity profile without detection, so the first step is to understand your business’ energy consumption and identify where improvements can be made. Initial identification can be easily achieved in a non-invasive manner by analysing a site’s consumption and generation data which is easily accessible for sites with half-hourly metering.

If you’d like to take your first steps but are unsure how, speak to one of our experts today with a no-obligation call on 01142 576 200.

Your business can optimise your energy through:

  • Stabilised voltage profile to protect against voltage spikes and dips that can damage equipment and cause sensitive systems to trip
  • Reduced reliance on the grid for the supply of energy by supporting on-site generation with battery energy storage
  • Improved HV infrastructure by replacing ageing transformers to optimise energy at source
  • Reduced electricity consumption and costs through Powerstar’s patented voltage optimisation technology


Four steps to heightened energy optimisation and efficient use of energy:

  1. Sites can deploy a proven technology known for its ability to deliver efficiency savings, voltage optimisation. By optimising the voltage supplied to your business, you can minimise wasted electricity and reduce electricity costs. Powerstar’s low voltage optimisation solutions have a 15 year warranty, and savings are 100% guaranteed. Learn more… 
  2. For those that operate and own their onsite high voltage transformers, the replacement of aging transformers with modern smart transformers can provide instant energy savings. Powerstar’s transformers utilise a super low loss amorphous alloy core as opposed to the traditional cold rolled grain-oriented silicon steel material for lower losses. Learn more…
  3. Reducing reliance from the grid can be achieved by adding or optimising on-site generation, such as Solar (PV), alongside battery energy storage systems. This enables users to maximise local generation even from intermittent sources and use it at a time most beneficial. Learn more…
  4. Visibility of asset performance and analysis through remote monitoring capabilities across multiple technologies enables proactive management of the energy profile and ongoing optimisations. The advantages of the individual technologies are amplified when they are deployed together enabling their use to be adjusted to complement a full site perspective. Learn more…

Find out more about energy optimisation today

To learn more about Powerstar or our technologies that enhance energy optimisation and efficiency for UK businesses, contact us using the button below. Alternatively, call and speak to an energy expert now on 01142 576 200, or email us at


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