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Smart Energy Solutions

Maximising On-site Power Generation

What is on-site power generation?

Also known as behind-the-meter energy solutions, smart electricity technologies such as energy storage, voltage optimisation and distribution transformers, on-site power generation such as solar (PV), CHP, wind and biomass can be maximised through integration with other assets. This provides significant benefits such as tangible CO2 reductions, energy cost savings, and enhanced flexibility for the use of energy.

The benefits of renewable energy from, on-site power generation such as solar and wind, in terms of the environment and reducing carbon emissions, are well documented. However, a major issue with such generation is that it is intermittent by its very nature, and therefore requires specific and optimal local weather conditions.

When deployed alongside energy storage technology, and renewable energy sources , power generated outside of working hours of demand can be stored instead of wasted. This stored power can then be used at times when desirable weather conditions are no longer present, or during periods of increased demand or power outages.

This maximises renewable on-site power generation assets, therefore reducing reliance on the grid and traditional fuel sources, advancing your organisation’s journey towards carbon neutrality. By investing in technologies that utilise renewable energy sources through on-site power generation, you can reduce overheads and shortening the payback period of the initial investment into generation assets. The graph below shows how the application of battery energy storage, such as Powerstar VIRTUE, maximises solar PV.

Integrating Solar with Energy Storage

Behind-the-meter generation explained

Simply put, behind-the-meter electricity is any power that is generated on-site. This power can be generated through a number of different sources, however, renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind turbines are growing in popularity due to their lower maintenance needs and sustainability.

As illustrated in the above infographic any electricity generated through behind-the-meter solar panels or wind turbines can be stored to be later used during periods of high demand, or to reduce the amount of power used from the National Grid.

Added benefits of renewable energy generation

The ability of energy storage to maximise amount of electricity generated through behind-the-meter sources also provides an opportunity to lower the cost of energy for businesses. This is because, instead of being exposed to peak tariffs for taking energy from the National Grid during peak times when demand is highest, an organisation can utilise the energy stored from on-site power generation rather than from the distribution network. Additionally, in the event of the National Grid requiring additional capacity, the stored energy could be used to supply this, if deemed beneficial.

Although the transition to renewable generation is recommended as part of the UK’s future low carbon outlook, non-renewable generation, such as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and even traditional diesel fuelled generators, can also be maximised by integrating them with energy storage technology. So, whatever your business’ mix of generation is made up of, Powerstar can help you optimise its output for a future proof, more self-sufficient smart grid solution.

Other behind-the-meter energy solutions, including grid-tied distribution transformers, can also provide organisations with performance benefits. In the case of grid-tied distribution transformers, benefits can be gained by transforming the excess DC power generated from solar modules into AC power that can be used on the network in a smooth transition without overvoltage. Due to the integrated online remote monitoring of smart transformers, key performance characteristics can be viewed and analysed from anywhere with a secure internet connection, allowing for appropriate optimisations to be implemented proactively.

Maximise your on-site energy generation assets with Powerstar

Powerstar can help you develop a comprehensive smart energy solution to maximise on-site power generation and other existing assets, regardless of their manufacturer. Through a combination of award-winning, patented manufactured technologies, and approved third-party partner technologies, Powerstar can design, manufacture and deliver a solution, bespoke to the exact requirements of each business.

Learn more about maximising your on-site power generation by talking with one of Powerstar’s energy experts today.

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