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Power Resilience

The power resilience issue at the source

Although the UK’s National Grid is extremely reliable, supply issues, such as voltage spikes, brownouts and blackouts, are causing disruptive and costly problems for many businesses that operate sensitive or continuous processes. Ensuring that your on-site energy infrastructure has the right failsafes in place like back-up battery storage can greatly improve a site’s power resilience.

In fact, a Centrica Business Solutions survey in Autumn 2017 highlighted this by reporting that 81% of respondents had a power failure, and these failures can total up to 17% of a company’s annual revenues. As a result, in 2019 the Centrica Business Solutions ‘Future-proofing your company’s energy needs’ report, found that power resilience and security of supply is now considered to be a top-4 business risk within the UK.

This has led to an increasing number of organisations seeking improvements to their power resilience to protect themselves from the financial, reputational, and operational implications of a loss of power bringing operations to a halt.

How power resilience can protect operations from power failures

An effective way to ensure a disruptive loss of power is not experienced is by implementing a combination of power resilience technologies such as behind-the-meter energy storage technology with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities, such as Powerstar VIRTUE.

The added benefit of utilising behind-the-meter energy storage technology to provide power resilience is that it can provide support in the case of a power failure at a site-wide level, as opposed to system-specific Uninterruptable Power Supply which is often used on systems such as IT servers.

In addition to the site-wide load support that Powerstar’s VIRTUE can provide, it is also a more efficient technology than traditional UPS as the software built into the solution monitors the grid as opposed to monitoring the grid through hardware, resulting in the solution utilising a lower wattage. Traditional UPS systems, on the other hand, use around 10% of the system’s capacity at all times to monitor the grid.

Powerstar VIRTUE can also provide a seamless response, meaning that for solutions which require it to do so, it can respond instantaneously upon detecting an issue.

In simple terms, in the case of a power failure, no matter the cause, Powerstar can eliminate down-time and ensure your critical systems remain operational. Delivering full power resilience to your business rapidly, so that it won’t be detected by even the most sensitive electrical equipment. It is for this reason that Powerstar’s energy storage solution, VIRTUE, is HTM compliant and a part of the ETL Battery Storage Framework, that allows the public sector including hospitals to procure approved power resilience solutions.

Stoba Case Study – Power resilience in action

Due to the high value of products that are produced at Stoba, a mass manufacturer, and supplier of high precision metallic components, exceptional levels of quality and efficiency are required. This means that any interruptions to the site’s power supply can have operationally and financially damaging consequences.

After a thorough site survey and analysis of the site requirements, the team at Powerstar was able to recommend the installation of a 1MW VIRTUE Battery Energy Storage System with integrated voltage regulation and full site-wide seamless Uninterruptable Power Supply capabilities.

The Powerstar VIRTUE solution, installed in 2018, is providing the site with an optimised voltage output due to the integrated voltage regulation technology, which reduces the electricity consumption and costs of the site.

In addition to this, the full UPS capabilities have increased the power resilience of the site and negated costly interruptions to the manufacturing process. Stoba further benefitted as there was no further requirement to adjust settings on machinery due to the electronically regulated voltage which was integrated into the VIRTUE solution.

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Enhancing power resilience by supporting other assets

In addition to delivering full UPS capabilities to site loads, businesses can enhance power resilience by supporting other connected assets, such as Combined Heat and Power (CHP), to ensure that costly downtime is avoided.

By supporting the effective running of connected assets, businesses can be confident that their operations will continue uninterrupted and running optimally, regardless of the cause for loss of power.

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