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Power Resilience

The power resilience issue at the source

How we generate energy in the UK is changing rapidly. As larger amounts of intermittent generation, such as wind and solar, is added to the grid, alongside more local generation, the risk of power disruption increases. At the same time, more and more business-critical processes are becoming reliant on a constant electricity supply, including vehicle fleets. That’s why providing power resilience for our customers is at the heart of everything we do.

Having the right on-site energy infrastructure, such as battery storage, can help to prevent the disruptive and often costly impact on business operations that brownouts and blackouts can present, as well as ensuring that critical equipment continues to function as intended. With power failures risking an average loss of £2.8 million per business per year in damages and lost opportunities if left unaddressed, it has never been more vital that your site-wide energy supply is planned, managed and protected as effectively as possible.

How power resilience can protect operations

An effective way to prevent any disruptive loss of power is by implementing a combination of power resilience technologies, including a behind-the-meter energy storage solution that also offers Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities, such as Powerstar’s VIRTUE.

The added benefit of utilising battery energy storage technology to provide power resilience is that it can provide support in the case of a power failure at an area-wide level, as opposed traditional UPS systems that generally only provide backup to critical systems.

Further benefits for using battery energy storage technology to provide full, area-wide UPS capabilities are realised from its ability to perform other functions while providing resilience support. This includes optimising energy use to manage a smart microgrid, optimise your generation assets, reduce peak demand through peak shaving activity, utilise your on-site generation in power failures, and even save money or provide revenue through grid service contracts. This enables a full, smart solution to provide power resilience for a net zero world, without compromising your security.

In the event of the power failure of any kind, from a brief dip in supply capacity to a full blackout, Powerstar’s resilience solutions can eliminate down-time and ensure critical systems remain unaffected. Our energy optimisation system (EOS) software ensures that full power resilience is delivered instantaneously, preventing disruption to even the most sensitive electrical equipment.

This market-leading functionality and reliability has seen our VIRTUE battery storage solution registered as HTM compliant and included as part of the ETL Battery Storage Framework, that ensures public sector bodies and healthcare providers procure fully approved, fit-for-purpose power resilience solutions.

Enhancing power resilience by supporting other assets

In addition to delivering full UPS capabilities to site loads, businesses can enhance power resilience by supporting other connected assets, such as Combined Heat and Power (CHP), to ensure that costly downtime is avoided.

By supporting the effective running of connected assets, businesses can be confident that their operations will continue uninterrupted and running optimally, regardless of the cause for loss of power.

Stoba Case Study – Power resilience in action

Due to the high value of the components produced at Stoba, a mass manufacturer and supplier of high-precision metallic components, exceptional levels of quality and efficiency are required. This means that any interruptions to the site’s power supply risks damaging operational and financial impact.

After a comprehensive site survey and analysis of site requirements, the team at Powerstar recommended the installation of a 1MW VIRTUE Battery Energy Storage System with integrated voltage regulation and full site-wide seamless UPS capabilities.

This solution, installed in 2018, is providing the site with full UPS capabilities, bolstering power resilience across the site and preventing the risk of costly interruptions to the manufacturing process. At the same time, optimised voltage output due to an integrated voltage regulation solution helps to reduce electricity consumption and energy costs. Electronically regulated voltage integrated into the VIRTUE solution ensured that there was no requirement to adjust settings on existing machinery.

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The power to prove: determining feasibility

To protect the significant investment that our clients are making to their on-site power systems and net zero goals, Powerstar has developed unique capabilities for real-time modelling and simulation of microgrids.

Our due diligence services prove that complex power systems are feasible, that they will meet their payback goals, and help facilitate approval for grid connection.

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