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Supporting Net Zero In Business

The importance of net zero in business

Carbon Neutrality

As Government and societal pressures around climate change increase, the requirement for businesses to lower carbon emissions to work towards the goal of net zero grows. This is partly due to the positive reputation that businesses could gain from achieving carbon-neutrality at a time when the wider public is becoming more sustainability focused, with Centrica’s Energy Opportunity Paper stating that more than a third of customers are now actively choosing to buy from brands with robust eco-credentials.

Carbon neutrality, now often called Net zero, refers to achieving net-zero carbon dioxide emissions, either through balancing carbon emissions with carbon removal activities, or by eliminating the production of carbon emissions altogether.

There are also financial incentives for businesses to become net zero as carbon-intensive companies are increasingly likely to be penalised as the UK aims to decarbonise as a whole. Increases to the Climate Change Levy are already planned for 2022 and 2023, while public reporting for large businesses places their efforts under more scrutiny.


To achieve net zero, businesses can make incremental or radical changes in the way they use and manage energy, and opportunities to better utilise existing power generation assets and optimise your site’s electricity use should be considered, including:


Enhancing existing power generation

By utilising battery storage technology to store excess generated energy for use when desirable generation conditions are no longer present.

  • About the technology: leading battery storage solutions, such as Powerstar VIRTUE, can significantly reduce carbon emissions by maximising on-site generation. In the case of Solar (PV) energy storage can store the excess energy generated at peak times for use when the desirable conditions are no longer present.

adding new or additional renewable generation

Can assist companies in importing less energy from the grid and instead using locally generated, greener energy which will assist in the reduction of CO2 emissions.

  • About the technology: The reduction in voltage that Powerstar’s leading range of voltage optimisation technologies provide leads to lower electricity consumption and therefore carbon emissions. The implementation of voltage optimisation is a reliable and proven method of reducing carbon emissions for businesses of all sizes.

upgrading high voltage infrastructure

By replacing aging, inefficient transformers with amorphous core distribution transformers, sites can improve efficiencies and reduce wasted energy.

  • About the technology: Lower losses can be achieved by installing a new, modern distribution transformer, such as the leading Powerstar HV MAX, and can lead to a consequent decrease to the carbon emissions of a site.

Charging infrastructure for your company’s Electric vehicle fleet

Including utilised logistic methods supported by battery buffered EV charging utilising renewable energy to minimise carbon footprint whilst avoiding costly grid reinforcement costs.

  • About the technology: By pairing EV charging with energy storage technology, such as with Powerstar’s VIRTUE EV application, expensive infrastructure upgrades can be avoided, and pressure on the electricity grid to sustain such rapid growth in charging requirements is alleviated.
Electricity benchmarking and monitoring progress

Of existing and new projects enables businesses to actively report on improvements as well as identify areas for further improvements. This can be achieved with remote monitoring technology.

  • About the technology: Remote monitoring platforms are often delivered with smart energy solutions, such as Powerstar’s range of technologies, and as a commonly accepted way of communicating with assets, remote monitoring can often be implemented site wide to give a comprehensive view of energy generation and consumption on site.


This journey to net zero carbon emissions should be seen as an opportunity as it presents the ideal chance to revolutionise the energy management of your business. There are numerous ways in which electricity usage can be optimised through a variety of smart energy solutions like the above, and implementing such measures can provide businesses with a competitive edge at a time when sustainable practices are expected by customers and stakeholders alike.

The benefits of such technologies can be further maximised by integrating multiple technologies together either simultaneously or through a phased approach as part of a comprehensive energy strategy.

By combining technologies, and the insights which can be provided through the remote monitoring capabilities of these solutions, it is possible to rapidly accelerate your journey towards carbon neutrality and achieve full smart grid integration.

Find out HoW YOU Can work towards net zero carbon

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