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Super low loss amorphous transformer comparison


Powerstar HV MAX is a fully integrated system comprising of electronic-dynamic voltage optimisation technology and a super low loss amorphous core HV transformer. It allows for 38,000V input (other inputs available) and regulated nominal 480V (or user defined) output to a maximum of 690V.

The super low loss amorphous core transformer used in Powerstar HV MAX offers greater efficiency and more savings potential than conventional transformers, due to significant reductions in your transformer losses.

Demonstrating reduced losses

The loss curve below – taken from a live installation – compares a dry 1MVA amorphous core Powerstar HV MAX transformer against a cast 1MVA resin 1987 vintage brush transformer.

The curves plot % load v transformer losses (watts).


The results clearly highlight that the amorphous core transformer (red curve) offers significantly reduced load losses to the conventional transformer at all loadings, with the lowest and highest load figures showing:

90.9% decrease

in losses when loaded at 15% capacity

38.4% decrease

in losses when loaded at 100% capacity

Greater transformer efficiency

Powerstar HV MAX is able to generate reduced losses as it uses a super low loss amorphous core transformer, which is a highly efficient electrical transformer, with a magnetic core comprised of ferromagnetic amorphous metal alloyed with a glass former.

This ribbon of steel is wound to form the transformers core. The materials used in amorphous core transformers have high magnetic susceptibility, low coercivity and high electrical resistance. This results in amorphous core transformers delivering a reduction in standing losses, greater efficiency levels and increased energy savings in comparison to conventional transformers.

Conventional transformers use silicon steel within their core, which is usually supplied in coil form and cut into lamination’s which are then used to form the transformer core.

The role of a distribution transformer is to convert high-voltage electricity supplied from a power station into lower-voltage electricity for safe use. Transformers operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week during which time they undergo constant losses of 2% to 4% of the electricity that passes through them.

Amorphous core transformers significantly reduce losses by using an amorphous alloy for the iron core, around which the transformer winding’s that carry the electricity are coiled.

Exceed EU ECO design 2021 specifications

On 1st July 2015, the European Commission introduced new European Union regulations which require all HV/LV transformers to meet minimum efficiency specifications, with stricter design regulations to come into force in July 2021. The purpose of the regulations is to stop the installation of inefficient transformers across Europe.

All Powerstar HV MAX transformers not only meet – but exceed – the standards due to come into force in 2021, providing a much more efficient solution. This ensures a future proofed system that provides greater levels of efficiency and financial savings over the transformers lifespan, even in comparison to systems that just meet the current or future design regulations.

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