ETL logoPowerstar has been chosen as one of only six companies to be a trusted supplier by ETL (formerly Essentia), which offers the only free-to-access framework that supports public sector clients in procuring battery storage solutions to reduce fixed charges and improve site resilience.

The framework, which is fully public sector compliant, is comprised of trusted suppliers, including Powerstar, who generate savings by reducing Triad, DUoS, and Capacity Market charges, and utilise grid incentives such as Firm Frequency Response (FFR).

Through the selected suppliers, ETL is able to offer it’s public sector clients the following benefits:

  • Bespoke financing options
  • Free UK-wide access
  • Site resilience
  • Flexible approach
  • Support services, such as ongoing maintenance and operations
  • Inclusion of related technologies

As part of this framework, Powerstar is able to assist ETL in providing the public sector with bespoke energy storage solutions designed to the specifications of the client’s needs that can help achieve carbon neutrality, provide energy resilience through seamless Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities, reduce energy consumption and costs, and minimise carbon emissions.

Commenting on the news, CEO, Dr Alex Mardapittas said “We are incredibly proud to be one of the few chosen suppliers on this framework. Due to the rigorous due diligence involved with supplying solutions to the public sector, I believe it shows the level of quality we uphold as a business and is a positive step towards the wider adoption of energy storage technologies in the UK.”

This framework provides an excellent opportunity for businesses operating within the public sector to procure solutions that are fit for purpose and built around their needs, thanks to the structured approach that ETL has put in place. It will also assist in educating audiences on the importance of flexible assets that can deliver multiple benefits including cost-savings and revenues in addition to maximising renewable generation, optimising existing assets such as CHP and delivering site-wide energy resilience.

For Powerstar, its ability to provide site resilience is at the core of its solution and recently, Dr. Alex Mardapittas shared his views of the future energy landscape during an interview with The Energyst. He expressed the growing importance of doing so as an increasing number of renewables are connected to the grid causing greater challenges in balancing the supply and demand of energy. The inclusion of site resilience within the promoted benefits of the framework will help further illustrate this message and support businesses in securing their supply and eliminating costly power failures.


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