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Transformer Inspection Service

We perform annual inspections on HV/LV electrical transformers to ensure they are working under optimal running conditions.

It’s well known that electrical equipment deteriorates with age and use, and is also subject to potential faults and contaminants. By carrying out an annual transformer inspection it will be easy to diagnose faults such as such as loose connections on low voltage equipment, or air bubbles and oil aging on HV equipment. All of which increase the risk of failure and reduce the lifespan of the equipment and can lower the efficiency of your transformer.


Transformer Inspection Service

Why do I need an annual Transformer inspection?

To keep your transformer equipment operating at its best, it should be subject to an annual inspection to diagnose any problems, existing or potential, that could cause the equipment to fail or become unsafe. The benefits of regular inspection services include:

Transformer Insurance validation

To make sure you’re operating within the guidelines of your insurance, as well as ever-changing health and safety and fire regulations, annual inspections of your equipment is essential.

The type and frequency of equipment checks, inspections and diagnostics needed will depend on the equipment, the environment it is situated, and the results of any previous inspections.

Potential improvements

Annual transformer inspections can identify changes, ensure optimal functioning of your on-site electrical equipment, and guarantee the highest efficiency methods are in place.

Peace of mind your transformer is running efficiently

The older the equipment in question, the higher the risk of potential problems arising. By upholding annual inspections of the equipment, potential issues can be identified and corrective action put in place before they become a problem, giving you complete peace of mind.

What if my equipment wasn’t supplied by Powerstar?

Rest assured that, with a wealth of combined experience, the Powerstar team of engineers can inspect all types of HV/LV electrical equipment, regardless of its manufacturer, and provide a decisive report outlining any potential problems and recommendations for its continued use.

How much will an annual transformer inspection cost?

We offer comprehensive transformer inspection services throughout the UK and we provide a range of transformer maintenance programmes that are designed around the exact requirements of your transformer network, meaning you only pay for exactly what you need.

Contact us to get a quote or discuss your requirements with one of our experts today.

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