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Transformer Maintenance

We offer comprehensive transformer maintenance services to ensure your equipment stays running safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Although by law electrical equipment must be maintained to prevent danger, the type and frequency of equipment checks and inspections needed will differ depending on the equipment, environment, and previous transformer maintenance results. Ultimately, prevention is better than cure, so it is important to uphold regular maintenance on your equipment to ensure safety and optimum levels of operational efficiency are upheld.

Transformer Maintenenace

Why does my site’s transformer need maintenance?

As a matter of health and safety, regular maintenance should be taken seriously and carried out often enough to ensure there is little chance the equipment will become unsafe between checks. Whilst sometimes viewed as purely a costly exercise, maintenance can actually add value as a properly serviced industrial machine has the ability to run at full capacity and work as well as when it first arrived.

It is good practice to make a decision on how often each piece of equipment should be checked. This information should be recorded and checks should be carried out accordingly, followed by recording of the results.

The Frequency of checks can be altered according to the number and severity of faults found and the age of the equipment.

The Powerstar team comprises of highly trained and skilled engineers with a long history of working with high voltage equipment. Their experience allows them to be able to make recommendations based on the individual needs of the client and work alongside other suppliers who may be involved with various aspects of the facilities maintenance routine.

Regular maintenance leads to further site improvements

Performing regular maintenance to on-site equipment can often identify areas where further efficiencies could be made. Once identified, Powerstar will assist you in developing a robust maintenance and servicing strategy to ensure performance continues to improve. Most high voltage (HV) equipment manufacturers will recommend adequate timescales for when maintenance is required, and Powerstar can accommodate any frequency requested. In general, maintenance would be carried out over a rolling programme, usually lasting around four years.

Powerstar: a full maintenance solution for your site’s transformer

At Powerstar we pride ourselves on our customer support and maintenance offerings. That’s why we don’t just provide checks, but a full-service maintenance solution that includes:

  • Installation – we offer a comprehensive installation service to run your substation or transformer project
  • Safety and Expertise – our experience with such business-critical services highlights our ability to provide a thorough service with minimal disruption.
  • Maintenance – our typical yearly contracts include an initial maintenance visit, integration of network diagrams, database and interrogation of existing systems
  • Our continued commitment – our team is dynamic, proactive, focused, and fully dedicated, with over three decades of experience to provide the best, bespoke solution

To find out more about our transformer maintenance services, whatever your challenges and budget. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements with an expert member of our team.

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