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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Supporting electric vehicle infrastructure – webinar on demand


On 22nd January 2019, Ricky Higgins, Powerstar Business Development Manager, delivered an informative webinar to highlight how quickly the growth of EV’s in the UK has occurred and how this growth is projected to continue, including the investment from UK businesses looking to electrify their fleet and the solutions available to support businesses in that transition.

Ricky also discusses how such huge growth in the investment into EV’s will require significant infrastructure upgrades in the UK to cope with the additional demand on the network.

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Why watch the recording?

This webinar enables viewers to:

  • Explore the current limitations of the energy network and how it is limiting the adoption of EV’s
  • Understand the common barriers to the greater adoption of EV’s in the UK
  • Discuss the future of the UK’s energy grid in a low-carbon economy
  • Discover the latest technologies that can provide a viable solution to the UK’s EV infrastructure
  • Learn about how the Government’s ‘Road to Zero’ strategy and other Governmental pressures surrounding the wide-spread adoption of EV’s
  • Understand the options available to businesses looking to utilise an EV fleet

This webinar is no longer available, use the buttons below to learn more about VIRTUE EV and Powerstar’s other solutions.

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