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Sweet savings: HV max case study





With thousands of installations across the globe, Powerstar has implemented its smart energy solutions into almost every industry from acute hospitals to cheese makers. Our latest case study covers a fresh baked goods company that identified Powerstar HV MAX as an ideal solution to aid their growing sustainability efforts.

The baked goods company was founded over 30 years ago and operates in 50 countries, providing freshly baked goods at affordable prices. As part of a large, energy-intensive international group, and working with fresh produce daily; environmental sustainability was of primary concern to the customer. It was already sourcing 50% of its energy from renewable fuel sources and 82% of its waste was also being recycled. However, they were keen to further enhance their efforts, and Powerstar was happy to help.

Following a thorough analysis of the site, the Powerstar team identified its combined solution, Powerstar HV MAX as the most appropriate option for the location. Powerstar HV MAX is an ideal solution for businesses that operate and maintain their own HV infrastructure as it provides customers with significant energy consumption savings on both the high voltage (HV) and low voltage (LV) side by replacing ageing transformers with a super low loss amorphous core and integrating its patented voltage optimisation technology. As the voltage supplied to the site was identified as unnecessarily high for the equipment on site, and prone to fluctuations in addition to an ageing CRGO distribution transformer found on site, it was clear that significant efficiencies could be achieved by replacing the aged system with the Powerstar HV MAX solution.

Taking advantage of our pioneering technology, a leading baked goods company in West Yorkshire obtained significant annual savings to their electricity consumption and bills after investing in the HV MAX solution.

Prior to installation, Powerstar provided the client with a guaranteed annual energy consumption saving of 7.2%. However, savings analysis performed by the Powerstar team after installation revealed some particularly sweet results. Following installation, savings verification revealed the site is experiencing annual consumption savings of 9.2%, whilst its carbon emissions have also decreased starkly. Moreover, by stabilising and optimising the incoming voltage, the on-site equipment gained longevity by operating closer to its design characteristics and is further protected from any voltage spikes and dips, safeguarding the electrical equipment from premature burnout and reducing replacement costs.


Find out more about how businesses can improve their energy efficiency on both the HV and LV side utilising our smart energy solutions by contacting us to discuss your requirements, obligation-free, with a Powerstar expert.

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