AI Microgrid Controller (EOS)

Energy Optimisation System (EOS)

Intelligent energy management software is the heart of Powerstar’s comprehensive solutions.
Introducing our cutting-edge AI-enabled Microgrid Controller, a revolutionary solution at the forefront of energy management technology. Designed to usher in a new era of efficiency and reliability, our Microgrid Controller serves as the central intelligence hub for microgrid systems, seamlessly integrating various technologies into a cohesive and dynamic network. With unparalleled adaptability, our controller has the capability to harmonize diverse energy sources, storage systems, and loads, actively determining optimal operation strategies tailored to the specific objectives of the microgrid. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, it empowers microgrids to make informed decisions in real-time, ensuring peak performance and resilience in every scenario. Welcome to the future of energy management, where innovation meets sustainability with our AI-enabled Microgrid Controller – The EOS.

Key Features:

Real-time Decision-making​

  • The software employs neural network-based Artificial Intelligence to create and continuously update a site’s load profile. This allows for strategic load planning in real-time, ensuring optimal energy management.

Continuous Learning​

  • Sensors and equipment across the site provide real-time data on energy usage. The central computer actively learns and adapts to manage the site more efficiently over time. The more connected assets, the faster the system improves.

Key Benefits

Powerstar’s suite of technologies come with comprehensive remote monitoring software, providing real-time insights into a site’s performance. This allows clients to identify potential areas of improvement promptly, minimizing disruption and replacement costs by addressing issues proactively.

Timely Issue Identification

Potential issues are identified early, reducing disruption and replacement costs.

Comprehensive Insight

Data generated by remote monitoring is accessible through a user- friendly online platform, empowering customers to make informed decisions about their site and energy infrastructure.

Our software is proudly tested to meet the rigorous standards set forth by IEEE 2030.8-2018, ensuring seamless interoperability, reliability, and cybersecurity for our customers. This certification not only guarantees compatibility with existing energy management systems but also provides peace of mind regarding data security. By prioritizing adherence to industry standards, we offer a competitive advantage, empowering customers with superior energy management capabilities and bolstering their business success.

Powerstar’s software and remote monitoring solutions synergise to create an intelligent, adaptive, and proactive approach to energy management.

Model energy systems in real-time allowed the client to implement a vital testing capability that would otherwise have been extremely difficult.

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