Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

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Transforming Energy Efficiency

Our expertise lies in the design and manufacture of innovative storage and microgrid solutions, ensuring that the proposed Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) system operates as required.

With a wealth of experience across diverse sectors and international markets, each BESS we deliver is tailored to address the unique needs and objectives of our specific clients.

Powerstar’s BESS is engineered to address the varied energy challenges faced by our clients. Our approach includes thorough technical consultancy and feasibility studies to provide clients with a clear understanding of how their proposed BESS will integrate into their existing infrastructure. This process ensures the delivery of an optimal, tailored solution for our client’s specific energy needs.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

For businesses seeking extra resilience and uninterrupted power supply, we offer an optional integration of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) functionality into our BESS solutions.

This integration ensures rapid <10ms response times during grid faults, safeguarding critical operations against power disruptions. With backup power capabilities, our integrated UPS solution provides a swift <20s black start response during blackouts, ensuring uninterrupted operations in emergencies. Moreover, our BESS solutions with integrated UPS support islanded operations, empowering businesses to operate independently from the grid when needed. By managing demand and capacity, businesses can maintain critical functions without interruption, enhancing energy security and resilience.

Powerstar’s commitment to value-driven solutions means our standard BESS offerings deliver efficiency and reliability, while optional UPS integration enhances resilience for businesses prioritizing uninterrupted power supply. With Powerstar, businesses can achieve optimal energy management and resilience, tailored to their specific needs and objectives.

Key Benefits

Integrated Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

Providing area-wide protection from power disruption

Intelligent AI

Artificial Intelligence Software that optimises energy flows and adapts to changing site conditions

Intelligent Controls

That automate role-switching based on a site’s energy management priorities

Seamless Integration

Optimising the performance of existing technology and ensuring a cohesive energy management system

Why Powerstar

The dynamic nature of our Battery Energy Storage allows it to offer a range of improvements and benefits, adapting to the specific energy management priorities of each client.

Unlike many energy technologies that provide singular benefits, our BESS excels in dynamically switching between roles using intelligent control software powered by artificial intelligence. This adaptability is key to maximising advantages over an extended period.

Reduce Energy Costs

  • Charge during off-peak periods to harness lower grid prices.
  • Utilize stored electricity during peak times to avoid higher prices

Resolve Grid Constraints

  • Resolve issues related to grid constraints, enabling the installation of high-demand technologies like rapid EV charging.

Enhance On-Site Generation

  • Boost the performance of on-site generation sources like solar PV by storing excess energy for later use

Improve Power Resilience

  • Ensure an area-wide uninterruptable power supply, safeguarding processes, equipment, and vital data during grid disruptions.
  • Replace existing emergency power systems, such as UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply), with an efficient, low-carbon alternative

Support ESG and Sustainability Targets

  • By optimizing energy usage and supporting the integration of renewable energy, BESS contributes to a significant reduction in carbon emissions

Quality Assured

  • Our Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) undergo rigorous testing in-house to ensure compliance with industry standards. Each system is tested to meet the requirements of BS EN 62933-2-1 2018, guaranteeing reliability and performance.

How We Deliver

Choose Powerstar for a comprehensive BESS project delivery, providing a dynamic and bespoke solution for your energy management challenges.

Contact us today for a consultation, more information, or a demonstration of the market-leading capabilities of Powerstar’s BESS.

Parkinson Spencer Refractories achieved protection from Power Disruptions, a 5% reduction in Energy Costs and extra revenue through GridBeyond with a BESS.

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