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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Transformers play a critical role in the energy infrastructure of the UK as a whole, as well as that of many individual organisations.

By allowing electricity to be transferred from one circuit to another at changing voltage levels, transformers improve the safety and efficiency of power systems across a wide range of applications.

However, the UK’s extensive transformer fleet is facing a looming potential resilience crisis. Over 70% of transformers in the UK have been in operation for 25 years or more, with these lengthy average lifespans increasingly exceeding intended design-life. This has seen demonstrable growth in the need for transformer maintenance and refurbishment. For organisations embracing a robust power resilience strategy, it is vital that aging transformers do not become a point of failure.

How Overhauling Your Transformer Fleet Can Help

The extensive age of much of the UK’s transformer fleet means that in many cases, there is ample potential for aging hardware to be replaced by newer, more advanced models. This brings with it a range of benefits, including greater reliability, lower maintenance requirements and significantly reduced losses.

The losses a transformer experiences vary significantly depending on age, size, design and use. For the largest modern transformers, efficiency can be as high as 99.75%. For smaller transformers or aging models, this can fall to 90% or even 85%. With many transformers operating at high loads, these losses are both significant and costly.

Similarly, high-efficiency, low-loss transformers can significantly reduce overall power consumption, helping to reduce both energy costs and carbon footprint. Voltage management technologies incorporated into some modern transformers offers further improvements in energy efficiency and lower costs.

As technology advances, newer transformers are ready to support the transition to Industry 4.0, defined as the next phase of digitisation in the manufacturing sector. Remote monitoring of transformers allows 24/7 visibility of their performance and health, significantly improving power resilience and efficiency.

Implementing New Transformer Technology

An upgrade to an aging transformer fleet offers enhanced power resilience, lower costs and greater energy efficiency. As well as significantly reducing the risk of your transformer becoming a point of failure, it also offers the ability to protect sensitive equipment and machinery from fluctuations in grid power.

Powerstar’s dedicated transformer subsidiary offers a wide range of distribution transformers, as well as custom pieces to fit your exact specifications. Our amorphous core products offer as much as a 75% reduction in core losses compared to traditional Cold Rolled Grain Oriented (CRGO) transformers, as well as better savings, lower emissions and reduced operating costs.

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