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Cast Resin Transformers

As part of our extensive offering, we can provide cast resin distribution transformers from 100kVA up to 3MVA at competitive prices. As with all of our products, we can supply specialist transformers designed to suit your specific requirements.

What is a Cast Resin Transformer?

A Cast Resin Transformer is a static transformer which means it doesn’t have moving parts and because of this are often the transformer of choice for high-service reliability situations. . They are designed to raise or lower voltage to the required level.

Our range of cast resin distribution transformers falls under the category of dry-type transformers, which reduces the fire risk to minimal from the outset, an important factor in some challenging applications. Additionally, due to the presence of epoxy resin and quartz powder within the insulation, it actually makes the winding flame-retardant, and in the unlikely event of a fire, self-extinguishing. They all have a thermal class F (155C), climatic class C2, environmental class E2 and fire behaviour class F1.

Powerstar cast resin transformers

Our cast resin transformers can be supplied as open units, in enclosures to IP21, or have PT 100 sensors that can be connected to an optional temperature monitoring system which in turn can control optional fans to upgrade the rating by as much as 30% in some instances.

As a dry-type transformer, our cast resin range only requires air to cool, this minimises any additional costs that could be generated through oil testing and recycling, liquid-level checking and dielectric testing. This makes this type of distribution transformers a low maintenance option as they only require a vacuum & bolt torques during a routine annual inspection by a trained engineer.

Benefits of Cast Resin Transformers

There are a number of benefit associated with Cast Resin Transformers. These include:

  • Expected service life of over 20 years
  • Increased efficiencies compared to traditional CRGO transformers
  • Vibration-proof
  • Reliable even in extreme conditions
  • Low-maintenance solution due to absence of oil, and, crack and moisture-resistant nature of resin

Cast resin transformers for specialist applications

Due to the robust nature of cast resin transformers, and with the absence of oil, it makes them incredibly low-risk and versatile in their range of applications, meaning they can safely operate in even the most challenging or hazardous of environments. Operation is even possible in ambient temperatures between -25oC and 50oC (depending on the load cycle).

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