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Dry Type Transformers

Dry-type or ‘air-cooled’ distribution transformers are considered a low maintenance, reliable, and robust solution due to the fact that they have no moving (or serviceable) parts.

What is a dry-type transformer?

A dry-type transformer is an electrical device designed to lower the incoming voltage of a current to make it easier for electrical devices to withstand high voltage electrical currents. Dry Type electrical transformers do not use liquids to insulate the windings and core, instead, their design uses a sealed container filled with pressurized air. One of the most common types of dry-type electrical transformer is cast resin. These transformers are well suited for high moisture environments due to the core being insulated in a layer of waterproof epoxy resin.

Dry Type or Air Cooled Transformer

Powerstar has manufactured and supplied dry-type transformers for a wide range of industrial, commercial & hazardous applications. Due to the reliability, efficiency and long service life of our dry-type transformers, they are an excellent long-term investment that can deliver massive energy and cost savings.

Unlike their oil-filled counterparts, an air-cooled distribution transformers use only non-toxic, environmentally safe insulation systems, making them more eco-friendly as they pose no oil leak or pollution risk to the environment.

The modern insulation systems and materials utilised in these transformers are Class F (155C), H (180C) and C (220C) depending on the applications & size constraints.

We manufacture transformers from 1kVA through 10,000kVA with system volts to 22kV, all systems are built & tested to industry standards (UK) EN60076, (US & Canada) UL506 & 1561, or any customer-required standard.

Advantages of dry type electrical transformers

Compared to other types of transformers, dry type electrical transformers have a few advantageous features. These are:

  • Reduced risk of fires
  • Straightforward on-site installation
  • Pollution-free and environmentally friendly option
  • Well-suited for wet and high-moisture environments
  • Robust quality that can withstand short circuit currents
  • Capacity to support electricity overloads
  • Long service life due to low thermal and dielectric heating

Versatile distribution transformers for specialist applications

As we deliver our distribution transformers based on each customer’s requirements in addition to the fact they do not contain oil, there are virtually no restrictions on the installation site. The risk of them creating a fire hazard is minimal, meaning they can be located closer to load, reducing cabling costs and losses. Due to their low flammability, they are widely used for data centres, for inclusion in customer equipment, environmentally sensitive, marine, offshore & hazardous areas.

Dry-type transformers can be manufactured to be suitable for both indoor or outdoor applications (an enclosure is provided for outdoor sites with a site-specific IP rating) depending on the characteristics and requirements of your site.

Things to remember about Dry Type Transformers

Despite the features that give dry-type transformers an edge, there are some factors that should be taking into account if you are considering one for your site. Due to the long service-life, these types of distribution transformer are robustly made which can make them a more costly long-term option.

If you are considering implementing a dry-type transformer on your site, or if you’re looking to replace an outdated transformer get in touch

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