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Transformers FAQs

We’re often asked questions relating to Electrical Transformers. We’ve pulled them all together in this handy explainer to help answer all of your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Power Transformers.

HV Transformer

What is an Electrical transformer used for? – What is an electrical transformer?

An Electrical transformer is a device used to transfer electric energy from one Alternating Current (AC) circuit to one or more other AC circuits. Often Transformers will Step-Up (Increase) or Step-Down (Decrease) the voltage. This can have the benefit or potentially reducing energy losses and also making the voltage safer for electrical equipment.

Can a step-down transformer be used to regulate voltage?

Normally a step-down transformer can’t be used as a voltage regulator, however, Powerstar’s HV-Max combines our Ultra low-loss amorphous core transformer technology with our patented Voltage Optimisation Technology.

How long do electrical transformers last?

For decades, the conventional wisdom in the energy industry was that transformers have lifespans of between 30 and 50 years, and for many businesses they are an aspect of their energy infrastructure that they simply purchase and forget about. However, aging transformers can represent a significant risk to a business, both in terms of wasted energy and subsequent costs and as a potential point of failure. Find out more about when you should replace your transformer

Liquid filled and cooled Transformer

How often should Transformers be inspected and serviced?

The frequency of maintenance work on a transformer will depend on the usage and conditions of the environment that the transformer is kept in. A dry and clean environment is the ideal condition to keep a transformer in, and will likely only require annual inspections and maintenance according to the unit’s needs.

Environments, where the air contains contaminants like chemical fumes or dust, can have a greater effect on the transformer, meaning that more regular 3-6 month inspections may be required.

How much could a new Transformer save?

As Transformer technology has improved significantly over the years the advantage of replacing an old Transformer has increased. While typical energy efficiency rating of an aged transformer might be 85%, meaning 15% of energy is wasted. A modern Low Loss transformer can hav an energy efficiency rating of as high as 99.75%.

How do I know which type of Transformer is best for our business?

Contact our team and speak to one of our experts and we can talk through all of the options available to you.

How much is a Transformers Site survey?

A site survey for a Transformer installation is typically £450 for a standard site. The cost of the survey will be credited off any eventual order.

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