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HV-MAX: Low-Loss Amporphous Core Transformer with Voltage Management

Sites operating their own HV distribution transformer can enhance efficiencies directly at the source by upgrading their transformer to a super low loss amorphous core transformer. However, the benefits of a new distribution transformer can be considerably enhanced when combined with voltage management technology.

Powerstar HV Max Transformer and Voltage optimisation solution

Voltage Management for High Voltage Transformers

By combining an amorphous core distribution transformer with electronic-dynamic voltage management, inefficiencies in the High Voltage infrastructure can be greatly reduced in addition to generating additional savings in energy consumption savings and reductions in carbon emissions through the low voltage side technology.

Powerstar HV MAX provides a combined solution to two common problems, combining a super low-loss amorphous core high voltage/low voltage transformer with integrated electronic-dynamic voltage optimisation technology, allowing for 11,000V input (other inputs available) and regulated 380V, or user-defined, output.

Voltage optimisation is required because in the UK, the majority of sites are supplied with voltage that is higher than necessary to run on-site electrical equipment optimally, leading to increased energy consumption, energy costs, CO2 emissions, and wear and tear on electrical equipment.

A bespoke voltage management solution to energy efficiency

The use of these energy-efficient systems is matched to a client’s sites, voltage profile, and priorities following a thorough installation feasibility study to identify the opportunities that will deliver maximum benefit and value. By combining voltage management with an amorphous core distribution voltage transformer, which is 99% efficient, it can provide businesses with enhanced savings of up to 13%.

Delivered as a bespoke solution, HV-MAX Voltage transformer has the ability to combine an amorphous core transformer with the management technology in a single footprint, or install it as two separate entities, with the voltage management solution installed in the plant room. Additionally, the patented Powerstar technology is supported by a 100% savings guarantee and up to a 15-year warranty.

Is this the right solution for my site?

The combined solution, HV MAX, is ideal for businesses with the following profile:

    • Sites operating its own HV/LV supply
    • Sites operating an inefficient HV/LV distribution transformer with high losses
    • Sites suffering from a high incoming voltage profile

Our systems have provided significant savings for a multitude of businesses including healthcare estates, supermarkets, utility companies, education facilities, government buildings and new build developments to name a few.

HV Max Features

  • Amorphous core transformer with integrated LV voltage management
  • Output accuracy of +/-1.25V single phase LV output
  • Electronic-dynamic voltage management provides guaranteed voltage stabilisation and protection against spikes and surges
  • Capacity 500 kVA to 2500 kVA

HV-Max Benefits

  • The super low-loss amorphous core transformer is 99% efficient and can provide additional savings on total electricity consumption when compared to traditional HV transformers
  • Expected typical savings of up to 13% of annual electricity consumption
  • Environmentally responsible as it helps to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Reduced temperature rise of the core and reduced magnetising current
  • Combined technology results in a smaller plant footprint
  • Guaranteed safety, security and reliability

For more information about how voltage management can help increase HV transformer efficiencies and optimise the low voltage supply contact us to speak to one of our expert engineers

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