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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Voltage Optimisation

What is voltage optimisation?

Voltage optimisation (VO) is a transformer-based technology which optimises incoming supply from the national grid to match the voltage required by equipment at your organisation. Optimising the voltage, will reduce your commercial energy use and costs as well as lowering your carbon footprint and CO2 emissions. at the same time.

Another added benefit can also be the reduced maintenance costs and increased operational lifespan for your electrical equipment.

Powerstar’s voltage regulation solutions have online, remote monitoring capabilities, providing full visibility of asset performance, savings, and more.

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The cheapest and greenest energy is the energy you don’t use.

Are you worried about the ever-rising cost of electricity for your business? Find out how much money you could save by completing our 2-minute Energy Saving Calculator.

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We’ve put together a handy 4-page voltage optimisation pdf including how the technology works, how much you could save, and our range of products. Download our info document

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How voltage optimisation can help your business?

Spikes, sags, or fluctuations in your voltage supply or a consistent overvoltage can cause damage to equipment, disrupt operations, and waste energy. Sudden changes in voltage can trip sensitive electrical equipment. Consistently supplying equipment with a higher voltage than required can cause damage or premature burnout.

Optimising, conditioning, and reducing your incoming voltage supply protects your electrical equipment while reducing electrical consumption, costs, and carbon emissions. The Importance of commercial voltage optimisation, regulation & management cannot be underestimated for any business looking to develop their net-zero strategy.

What are the key benefits of Voltage Optimisation

The benefits of commercial voltage optimisation for your business include:

  • Lower Carbon Emissions – Lowering your carbon footprint and increasing your business’ green credentials and helping you towards your Net-Zero target
  • Waste Less Energy – Using less energy means lower electricity bills saving your business money. A typical business could save thousands of pounds every year.
  • Improved Power Quality – Better power quality means less wear and tear and maintenance costs for your electrical equipment potentially significantly prolonging it’s life.
  • Smart Energy Management Systems – Monitor your energy savings to see just how much you are saving

Speak to our expert team to see how Voltage Optimisation can help your business

Why voltage optimisation is necessary?

Voltage optimisation, or regulation is necessary because the voltage of electricity supplied by the National Grid typically fluctuates. In order to meet their binding requirement of supplying users with 230V,  with a tolerance of +10% and –6%. This means that in practice, UK sites can be supplied with voltages ranging between 216V and 253V. The National Grid actually supplies a higher average voltage – typically around 245V – to ensure that the lowest value is still acceptable.

In the UK, electrical equipment is generally designed to work at 220V. This means that it is always operating at a higher voltage than necessary, which causes damage and reduces its working lifetime.

How does a voltage optimiser work?

We use our own patented technology to achieve the voltage reduction, which is far more efficient than other voltage optimisation or regulation solutions. Traditional solutions transform the entire voltage supplied to a site, and thus suffer large losses. The Powerstar solution transforms only the reduced voltage and therefore loses far less energy in doing so.

Voltage management also smooths out the peaks and troughs that can occur in voltage supply from National Grid, making your site more resilient by supplying equipment with a steady, reliable voltage and avoiding sudden surges or sags in the supplied power

The technology can either provide a set level reduction for high, but stable incoming voltage profiles, or can dynamically regulate a fluctuating voltage profile to maintain a desired, & optimum level.

For more technical information about commercial voltage optimisation view our technical specifications below.

Technical specifications

Voltage regulation Install for Tom Appleyard

How to implement voltage optimisation

Voltage optimisation can be implemented as a standalone technology to protect equipment from voltage supply issues along with its other benefits. It can be connected to a high voltage or low voltage supply.

If you operate your own high voltage infrastructure, it can be integrated with an existing distribution transformer. Alternatively, your transformer can be replaced with a new, efficient distribution transformer with integrated voltage regulation. If you operate a low voltage supply only, it can still be implemented on your site.

Integrated into a battery energy storage solution with full Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities you can harness all the benefits of a consistent, uninterrupted power supply. This benefits your site by providing comprehensive power resilience and improved power quality. Due to its additional benefits of reducing electricity consumption and bills, it also improves the overall return on investment (ROI) of the battery energy storage solution.

Which sectors & businesses benefit most from voltage optimisation?

Sites that are being supplied with overvoltage or undervoltage will see the most benefit from voltage regulation, but almost all sites will be able to secure savings via improved energy efficiency. Most infrastructure and equipment will operate more efficiently and with less need for maintenance at lower voltages.

Voltage optimisation is best suited to environments where there is sensitive or critical electrical equipment, with long operating hours and a high level of electricity consumption. This means it performs well in sectors such as manufacturing, defence, retail & leisure, distribution & logistics, and healthcare.

While voltage regulation offers both improved power resilience and potential energy savings, it is important to note that the benefits it offers vary significantly depending on-site, and in particular depending on the current voltage you are being supplied with by the grid. This means that a site survey from a reputable supplier is a vital first step when considering voltage optimisation technology.

Contact us to book a site survey or to discuss how our voltage optimisation solutions could benefit your organisation.

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