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Voltage Optimisation FAQs

We’re often asked questions relating to Voltage optimisation (VO). We’ve pulled them all together in this handy explainer to help answer all of your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about voltage optimisation.

Powerstar Voltage Optimisation Installation

Does Voltage optimisation save money? – Are Voltage optimisers worth getting?

Voltage Optimisation systems can save you money. Powerstar’s patented technology has been independently tested and proven by several external independent companies including the renowned American Electric Power (AEP) Dolan Research Center in Ohio, USA found significant energy savings as well as other efficiencies speeding up the task.

Another test under laboratory conditions by Energy Efficiency Consultancy Limited (EECO2), a leading global provider of researched, tested and proven engineered efficiency solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotech and other high-tech industries highlights the ability for Powerstar to produce savings on new plant equipment due to its patented design.

On top of this we have a wealth of real-world tests of Powerstar’s patented voltage optimisers in the field across many industry sectors in our Case Studies section.

How much can we save with Voltage Optimisation?

Try our Energy Savings Calculator to find out how much your organisation could save.

Energy Savings Calculator

We’ve Made a Voltage Optimisation Mythbuster to help clear up some commonly held misconceptions and dispell some of the Myths surrounding VO.


What are the pros and cons of voltage optimisation


  • Lower monthly energy bills – VO can save you typically 5-10% per year, sometimes higher
  • Lower carbon emissions helping you towards your net-zero target
  • Improved power quality potentially saving on maintenance costs for your electrical equipment also prolonging it’s life and reducing how often equipment needs replacing.
  • Often pays for itself within 2 to 3 years


  • Initial cost – At Powerstar we offset this by guaranteeing the savings you will achieve per year. Our proposals will give you an anticipated savings amount and a guaranteed saving amount.
  • Devices that rely on thermostats, such as ovens, heaters, and refrigerators, & LED Lights, will provide little to no savings by using an optimiser, because it will just take longer to achieve the desired results. However, most businesses will achieve savings.

How does the Powerstar Guareanteed savings offer work?

Our proposals are based on a supply voltage of 242V, which is the national average. We can also undertake an installation feasibility study to ensure we can give you an accurate guarantee for the savings you will achieve from a Voltage optimisation install.

If the guaranteed saving is not met, we will refund the difference meaning by using Powerstar you are guaranteed to save, as long as your Supply voltage profile meets 242V.

How much is an installation feasibility study?

An installation feasibility study for a Voltage Optimisation installation is typically £450 for a standard site. The cost of the study will be credited off any eventual order.

Voltage regulation Install for Tom Appleyard

How long is the warranty on Powerstar voltage optimisation?

The warranty on Powerstar’s patented voltage optimisation solution is up to an industry-leading 15 years in the UK and 10 years internationally with annual inspections.

How do you measure the success of voltage optimisation?

To give an accurate representation of savings, the consumption per tonne of product is calculated for both the pre and post-install periods. For non-manufacturing installs, we use a representative example such as usage per room-booking in use in a hotel.

We take readings over the same 35-day period 1 year apart to calculate the savings vs the guaranteed savings amount.

Isn’t all Voltage optimisation technology the same?

All Powerstar products are subject to continuous development. Given we have been established and saving businesses money for over 20 years, today’s products are the result of this continuous improvement process. The key difference between our Voltage Optimisation and others is HOW it works in its Voltage Subtraction method through adding back a negative waveform much like how noise-canceling headphones work. Others do not use this patented method.

Why do you need my energy bill?

This is to check the price you are paying for electricity, and it can sometimes give us information such as Agreed Supply Capacity, type of MPAN to check if you’re Half Hourly metered. Without an energy bill, we can’t accurately forecast the savings you will receive from installing voltage optimisation.

What voltage do I need on my site to see savings?

Powerstar goes to site to do voltage logging to see how much the technology could save. If you would like to see if the technology would be effective at your site before we visit, plug a volt meter in. If it’s showing more than 235 V then it is likely that we can save you money.

Does Voltage optimisation work with Combined Heat and power (CHP) SYstems

Yes. We have Powerstar Voltage Optimisation as a combined product with a 3MW BESS system supporting a 15MW CHP for a major client and others. It is complimentary and adds value to the other benefits achieved from Storage Resilience Products whilst improving the investment case.

We’ve put together a handy 4-page information document for voltage optimisation including how the technology works, how much you could save, and our range of products.

Download our info doc

Speak to our team to see how much Voltage Optimisation can help save your business today

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Atlantis, The Palm Hotel

The world-renowned Atlantis The Palm hotel saved 10.9% annually on their energy usage with Powerstar Voltage Optimisation

Aerospace Manufacturer

A global leader in the manufacture of landing gear, suspension and tram coupling bearings was suffering significant scrappage caused by power disruptions.

MI Dickson

Consumption of this site has decreased by over 8,000 kWh after the Voltage Optimisation installation, despite production volume being increased by almost 10%


This manufacturer achieved a payback time of under 3 years and lowered it's transformer losses by 44% saving 135,000 kWh annually

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