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Proven to Reduce Energy and Costs

“The Powerstar system has proved in independent tests arranged by energy supplier RWE npower to reduce energy usage and costs.

We arranged a test of the Powerstar unit, utilising a 3rd party company to measure the claims of Powerstar against one of our buildings. The tests were carried out over a 6 week period and during that time Powerstar’s estimated savings were not only met but surpassed. We also measured the harmonics and power factor and again they surpassed expectations. We now have Powerstar installed across the majority of our larger office portfolio and are showing savings every day.

One other thing for me was the working relationship and technical advice that we received from Powerstar. Both myself and the company I used to collect and analyse the test data thought Powerstar an excellent company to work with, providing clear and prompt advice on savings, installations and recommendations.

The icing on the cake was the fact the equipment was all UK manufactured and it was custom built for our older sites which had restricted space in our distribution rooms. We have also looked at Powerstar’s domestic systems which potentially could help many of our customers reduce their energy bills”

We are pleased to confirm that Powerstar and their voltage optimisation unit is npower’s approved VO supplier.”

Dave Horton
RWE npower
Sustainability and Capital Investments Manager


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