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Whitbread Plc

Chris George, Head of Energy & Environment at Whitbread Hotels and Restaurants

“The installation of Powerstar voltage optimisation systems at Whitbread hotels and restaurants provided a no maintenance solution with a payback period that met Whitbread’s expectations.

The savings from the Powerstar systems supported the company in reducing its direct electricity consumption and associated CO2 emissions – key goals in Whitbread’s ‘Good Together’ corporate responsibility policy.

We’re serious about sustainability at Whitbread because we know it’s the right thing to do for the planet and it’s what our customers and our teams want. Smart investment in new technologies is a key part of our “Good Together” strategy. It helps us to reduce the amount of energy we consume, cut carbon emissions and conserve natural resources to make sure we are doing more for less. As a responsible hotel and restaurant business, we need to ensure our customers enjoy a good nights sleep and great tasting menus served in a relaxed atmosphere.

We found Powerstar to be both professional and proactive in their awareness of the installation requirements during business operational hours, which ensured minimum disturbance for our guests.

I’m looking forward to receiving the energy performance results from the second phase of Voltage Optimisation system installs across the Whitbread estate.”


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