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The Disadvantage Of Offline Equipment






We published a blog on the rise of big data and enhanced technology capabilities, aptly dubbed the 4th industrial revolution – or Industry 4.0 – and the acceleration of these advancements through everyday business technology such as automated processes and cloud computing.

However, as Industry 4.0 develops with the complete connectivity of systems and processes, businesses can often feel left in the dark when an important part of these processes remains offline, such as visibility of the performance of critical assets.

Super Low Loss-Amorphous Core HV Transformer

This has become an increasingly recognised problem with most distribution transformers.

Due to the life span and critical nature of equipment such as high voltage distribution transformers, it is astounding that such assets remain isolated, both physically and digitally as improvements and upgrades seem to happen around them, still requiring manual and offline checks to be made to ensure the equipment is running optimally and as intended, often only on an annual basis. This method is becoming increasingly outdated, inconvenient, and inefficient for businesses.

With Industry 4.0 bringing the spotlight onto businesses processes, it has highlighted the demand for the smart transformer, and pressure is mounting for manufacturers to provide online monitoring and reporting services to provide comprehensive performance data, grid information, and energy efficiency reports that synergise with the business operations as a whole.

In light of this, Powerstar has addressed this issue head-on and is meeting this demand by introducing its new product Powerstar SO-LO™, the super low loss smart transformer.

In light of this, Powerstar has addressed this issue head on and is meeting this demand by introducing its new product Powerstar SO-LO™, the super low loss smart transformer.

Powerstar SO-LO’s remote monitoring capabilities allows 24/7 visibility to help businesses better understand how their transformers are performing, and where efficiencies can be made to obtain the best return on investment. It has been designed to complement maintenance activities and allows for the remote monitoring of core temperatures, winding currents, oil temperature, and, when integrated, the performance of voltage management functionality.

Powerstar Energy Management and Monitoring software

Visibility of Assets: Turn Energy Oversight into Energy Insights

In recent years, emphasis has grown for the systems and equipment of businesses to offer complete connectivity, as technology has developed to allow this to be a possibility and has revolutionised the way in which businesses manage the performance of their assets.

Until recently, distribution transformers had been passed by in this revolution as they largely remained offline and unconnected. However, this has changed through the advent of the concept of the smart transformer.

What is a Smart Transformer?

A smart transformer is a distribution transformer which is digitally enabled; this allows it to be connected and online at all times.

As a result of this increased connectivity, smart transformers can provide online monitoring which enables users to check vital aspects of the condition and performance of the transformer, such as the oil condition and temperature, in real-time. This is a clear step level improvement on the now antiquated previous method of annual manual and offline maintenance checks.

In response to this, Powerstar has used its expertise as a leading smart energy solutions provider to create the super low loss amorphous core smart transformer, Powerstar SO-LO.

Powerstar SO-LO fits into the 4th industrial revolution of Industry 4.0 through its remote monitoring capabilities which allow 24/7 visibility of the performance of the transformer. In addition to this Powerstar SO-LO can also be integrated with other energy efficiency technologies, such as voltage optimisation, which can itself be monitored through remote monitoring to enable the implementation of a holistic energy management system.

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