Transformers are critical infrastructure for many companies and upgrading or replacing them can be unavoidable as they reach end of life, become inefficient or breakdown. This can lead to significant costs, whether expected or not, and sometimes businesses can’t access the capital to replace them due to budgets already being allocated or priority being placed in other activities core to business functions.

That’s why Powerstar offers its customers in the UK a range of energy efficiency financing options to allow for the flexible funding of transformers.

The flexible finance options are available on the full range of Powerstar products providing an added value solution andoffering flexibility to your purchasing process, bringing you one step closer to achieving your sustainability and financial targets, in addition to allowing organisations to choose from a range of repayment options to meet individual business needs.

Below are some of the options Powerstar can provide.

Benefits of Our Flexible Finance Options:

  • Reap the benefits of Powerstar technologies with no initial costs to pay
  • Benefit from fixed regular payments
  • Free up working capital for projects core to business activities

Energy Efficiency Finance Packages Include:

  • Hire purchase & leasing agreements
  • Rental options

*All finance options are subject to eligibility

To learn more about our finance options or discuss the best option for your business, please submit your enquiry on the form below.


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