Powerstar provide a free of charge energy site survey for clients to determine the most effective method to reduce electricity consumption on their site.

The energy site survey forms an integral part of identifying the correct voltage optimization system for a site and ensuring the any installation works to reduce electricity consumption to the highest potential level on a site by site basis (not an aggregate over a number of sites)

Request a site survey through the link below to determine how Powerstar can reduce electricity consumption on your site.

The Powerstar energy site survey is split into three parts:

1) Installation evaluation

The installation section of the survey will look at space restrictions and circuit protection. The information from this part of the survey will be assessed to provide the client with a detailed cost for installation and to inform them where the best location is to position the Powerstar voltage optimization system on site in order to make the best energy savings.

Powerstar have both HV and LV voltage optimization applications, allowing for voltage optimization installations to be carried out at either the transformer side, through Powerstar HV MAX or the the load side through either the Powerstar and Powerstar MAX systems.

Installation Survey - How to reduce electricity consumption

2) Determine the voltage profile on site

By analyzing the on-site voltage profile of a site it enables the correct voltage optimizatiPowerstar - Reduce electricity consumption through energy site surveyon system to be specified and the correct optimization settings to be identified. For example, sites with high levels of fluctuating voltage will reduce electricity consumption further from installation of a Powerstar MAX system.

A minimum of six spot readings are taken on site to determine where the lowest voltage occurs, the voltage drop on the supply and if there are any voltage issues on the supply.

3) Non-eligible load breakdown

The non-eligible load breakdown identifies the loads within a site that will benefit from reduced electricity consumption following installation of a Powerstar voltage optimization system and loads within a site that will not benefit from reduced electricity consumption from voltage optimization.

The non-eligible loads are detailed to the client in the proposal and taken into consideration, along with the voltage optimization setting, when calculating a kWh energy saving percentage. This percentage is used to calculate the payback period and Return on Investment percentage for the client.



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