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Nabiel Khan, F.C.A Financial Director, Bridgewood UK “We have been looking at ways of lowering our energy consumption and reducing our carbon emissions. Powerstar voltage optimisation offers a great solution and we are achieving higher than expected savings.”  


Powerstar Case Study Portola
Max Bytheway, Chief Engineer, Portola Packaging Ltd “Powerstar has provided us with great savings on our electricity bills with a quick installation and excellent service throughout. We are extremely happy and would thoroughly recommend installing Powerstar voltage optimisation.”

Portola Packaging Called though excuse length ye needed

Albert Heijn
Albert Heijn – Hans Geveling BV “After thorough investigation, and in close co-operation with our IPMVP company, the anticipated savings convinced us to install the first Powerstar units. The results of the first installations were so convincing, that we chose to install a Powerstar unit in our newly built supermarket.”

Albert Heijn – Hans Geveling BV

Jesmond Pool - Powerstar Case Study
Phil Drape, Operations Manager, Jesmond Pool “Powerstar delivered a professional service from start to finish in a suitable timeframe, and we are extremely happy with the results of the voltage optimisation solution.”

Jesmond Pool

University of Bristol
Chris Jones, Sustainability Manager, University of Bristol “Voltage Optimisation is a fit and forget technology that has been saving us energy since the day it was installed.”

University of Bristol

Ken Jackson, Maintenance Manager at Nutricia When commenting on the project, delivered by Powerstar’s approved partner, Central Group, Ken Jackson said: “We have worked with Central Group for several years now and have always been happy with their work so were keen to hear more about their new partnership with Powerstar. Everyone was so passionate...

Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition UK

Dennis Smith, Project Manager, Tees Active Ltd “We found working with Powerstar to be very easy as they did everything they could to accommodate our requirements not only in which unit was best suited to deliver the greatest efficiency, but also in ensuring minimum disruption.

Tees Active Ltd

Queizuar S.L.
Benigno Pereira, General Manager, Queizuar, S.L. “In addition to the energy savings we emphasize that both the operational and the installation did not interfere with our manufacturing process. It was simple and efficient.“

Queizuar, S.L.

Kevin Kemp, Facilities Manager, Abbott, Case Grand AZ   “We had an excellent experience working with Powerstar USA. Their straightforward process of identifying the potential savings opportunity through the site audit and installation along with their GUARANTEE allowed us to make an easy decision in selecting the HV MAX installation. Savings were higher than expected...