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Powerstar VIRTUE Project Installations

Powerstar has installed over 30 VIRTUE energy storage solutions since launching this solution in 2015 and, as a result, are the leading provider of behind-the-meter (BtM) energy storage solutions in the UK. Below is a selection of some of our range of installations, including a variety of sizes and applications. Each system was designed as a bespoke solution to solve a specific problem for the client, driven by our engineering excellence and commitment to high quality design and R&D.


To find out more about Powerstar and how our bespoke, innovative smart energy solutions can help your site, contact us by emailing or calling 01142 576 200 to speak to an expert member of our team. All of our solutions revolve around the client and their specific needs, to ensure the perfect solution is delivered to address the customer’s problem.


2MW VIRTUE – TELEDATA – energy, cost, and carbon savings

The purpose of this project installation was for cost reduction and carbon savings, as this Powerstar unit can be charged up on a daily basis and discharged according to the business’ needs. For example, when the grid is struggling with demand during busy periods, which is when electricity is most expensive, this business now pulls power from the batteries instead of the grid.





 1.5MW VIRTUE – PANACEA – power resilience

This 1.5MW VIRTUE was installed to provide the client with power resilience, allowing the entire site to rely on stored energy should blackouts or brownouts occur. This ensures the business operations are not interrupted due to energy related failures, protecting the bottom line and reputational consequences as a result of an operational shutdown.





1MW virtue – power resilience

This 1MW VIRTUE was installed to support this sites existing VIRTUE Energy Storage System, with full Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPs) capabilities contributing to the company’s Power Resilience goal. As above, this enables the client to continue to operate should a blackout or brownout occur.







1MW VIRTUE – NMB Minebea – power resilience

The 1MW VIRTUE was installed with full UPS capabilities with a less than 20ms engage time should the company need to rely on stored energy when a power outage occurred. This particular client was suffering from interruptions to their manufacturing process caused by site-wide blackouts, which had significant financial consequences with regard to spoiled materials. Full power resilience through this system keeps the business operating through these power related failures to avoid these financial and reputational repercussions.




1MW VIRTUE – BEMIS – Power resilience

This 1MW VIRTUE was installed to help the organisation have the option to rely on stored energy should there be any supply issues from the grid. By installing Powerstar VIRTUE, this business avoids any cost implications should a power outage occur, enabling operations to continue as normal.





1mw VIRTUE, 600kw capacity – power resilience

This VIRTUE was 1MW in size with a 600KW capacity, helping the client enhance its power resilience. By relying on stored energy in the event of a grid power outage, the company can be confident their operations will not be interrupted. As a mass manufacturer, exceptional levels of quality and efficiency are required, therefore it’s essential that there are no interruptions to the site’s power supply, as interruptions could have significant operational and financial consequences.





350KW VIRTUE – power resilience

Power resilience was the core focus of this 350KW VIRTUE installation, supporting the company to avoid any costly disruptions should they experience voltage spikes or interruptions in the company’s power supply from the grid. Again, this enables the client to avoid operational and financial consequences associated with energy related failures.





250KW VIRTUE – demand side response

As the balance between electricity supply and demand is becoming more difficult for the grid to maintain, following increasing reliance on renewable energy sources whose outputs are less predictable than traditional sources, blackouts and other supply issues are increasing. Therefore, this organisation installed a battery energy storage solution for demand side response services, providing a solution to the balance issue, whilst also enhancing their energy strategy and optimising their own energy use. 









POWERSTAR VIRTUE – power resilience

The primary purpose of this installation was power resilience, supporting the company by allowing them to rely on stored energy should power outages occur at a site-wide level. Energy related failures were a particular problem for this client, and this solution protects their operations from blackouts and brownouts to negate the financial and reputational consequences associated with a loss of power.




VIRTUE Rental unit – power resilience

This Powerstar VIRTUE was installed as a rental unit for a business to temporarily utilise the benefits of battery energy storage to protect operations from interruptions or outages from the grid supply. Energy related failures were such an immediate problem for this client that Powerstar initially installed this rental unit as a short term solution while we could work with the client to design the best, bespoke long-term solution for their site. The rental unit has since been returned to Powerstar and the client’s fully bespoke solution is now installed to provide the protection required by the client and their operations.





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