Benefits of Energy Storage

The benefits of battery energy storage systems (BESS), such as Powerstar VIRTUE, can be numerous, but ultimately the overall purpose of energy storage is to deliver fundamental improvements to the way that electricity is generated, delivered, and consumed.

The general benefits provided by Powerstar’s VIRTUE energy storage solution can be broken down into four areas:

Virtue: The benefits of energy storage

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Powerstar VIRTUE can:

  • Reduce your sites electricity consumption from the grid by using its scalable energy storage system capabilities to take your site off grid during peak DUoS and Triad tariffs.
  • Store onsite renewable generation and energy at off-peak times when electricity is cheaper and it would normally be wasted, therefore allowing for the maximising of renewable sources and contributing to the decarbonisation of the local area.
  • Save money by switching to stored power at any time to save, on average, 25% off your electricity bill by minimising network charges and maximise revenues through Demand Side Response (DSR).
  • Eliminate operational risks through the full Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities of the VIRTUE energy storage solution, boosting the energy resilience of your organisation and eliminating costly shutdowns.

Powerstar’s energy storage solution, VIRTUE, is not an off-the-shelf product. It is an engineered solution which is designed to match the bespoke challenges facing each business. As a result, each Powerstar VIRTUE system is designed, manufactured, and engineered specifically for each client to achieve maximum efficiencies and savings in line with the priorities of the client.

Along with BtM energy storage, Powerstar VIRTUE is also able to enhance the use of renewable energy sources through renewable firming, the process of storing an excess of renewable energy for later usage, thereby reducing its intermittency and improving the reliability of renewable generation. This process maximises the benefits of wind and solar generation, consequently reducing the dependency on fossil fuels.

Powerstar’s VIRTUE energy storage solution allows for greater control and flexibility of electricity usage, and offers a wide range of benefits, outlined below:

Benefits of Energy Storage: Saving Money

  • Delivers average annual electricity cost savings of 25%
  • Minimises transmission costs (Triads)
  • Minimises distribution costs (red DUoS)
  • Provides maximum demand control
  • Reduces reactive power charges
  • Reduces the likelihood of energy related failures which can total as much as 17% of annual revenues
  • Allows for Capacity Market (CM) charge avoidance

Benefits of Energy Storage: Making Money

  • Allows access to the Capacity Market
  • Enables arbitrage (energy to be exported at peak market prices)
  • Maximises renewable generation incomes

Benefits of Energy Storage: General Benefits

  • Provides process optimisation through voltage regulation
  • Delivers harmonics reduction and power quality improvements
  • Allows renewable firming
  • Enables integration with rapid/fast electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions
  • Offers power resilience with full UPS capability



Powerstar exhibiting at EMEX

Powerstar, a leading provider of smart energy solutions, is exhibiting Powerstar VIRTUE, a complete energy storage system for behind-the-meter applications, at this year’s Energy Management Exhibition (EMEX). The exhibition takes place from the 21st – 22nd November, 2018 at the ExCel centre in London. During the event, on 21st November, Dr. Alex Mardapittas, Chief Executive...