VIRTUE, Powerstar’s behind-the-meter (BtM), battery energy storage solution allows for greater control and flexibility of electricity usage, providing an integrated energy management and microgrid solution with smart grid control. As a bespoke product, the applications of VIRTUE energy storage can be adapted to suit the requirements and priorities of each client. This enables business users and electricity grid operators to benefit from flexibility, lower energy costs, and greater security of supply.

As a responsible manufacturer of energy storage solutions, we are committed to the sustainable use of batteries. View our waste industrial batteries statement here.

Powerstar VIRTUE - energy management

Introduction to the applications of the VIRTUE energy storage solution

Powerstar VIRTUE works by capturing the electricity produced by both renewable and non-renewable sources and storing it for discharge when required, in addition to allowing users to come off-grid and switch to stored electricity at a time most beneficial.

VIRTUE energy storage is playing an integral part in the future development of smart cities, enabling energy generated from sources such as wind and solar to be stored locally and ultimately utilised more efficiently.

Applications of Energy Storage

Energy storage for maximising renewables and time-shifting:

By using the energy storage capabilities of the VIRTUE energy storage solution to time-shift during peak DUoS and Triad periods, users can store energy provided by the National Grid during off-peak periods, where there is usually excessive electricity generation (low cost) and use it during peak hours (high cost) to provide cost savings.

The energy storage application also allows for the maximising of renewables by allowing businesses to charge from renewable generation when it is available and store it for discharge at a time most beneficial to the client (such as during peak DUoS periods). This not only provides cost savings but also helps to stabilise the integration of renewables sources for the National Grid by removing the intermittency associated with renewable generation.

Supply resilience delivered through full Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities:

The VIRTUE energy storage system provides a site with full UPS capabilities to the load at all times, eliminating the need for additional back-up generation. This is particularly important for sites that require a constant energy supply to critical equipment, and can protect in the case of brown-outs which are becoming increasingly common. UPS capabilities also reduce the likelihood of energy related failures which can total as much as 17% of annual revenues.

Demand Side Response (DSR):

All VIRTUE energy storage solutions are provided with a responsive and intelligent energy management system which enables it to partake in DSR for the business that utilises the energy asset. DSR is essential for supporting the balancing for the UK’s system operator, the National Grid. It rewards end users for the ability to utilise its energy consumption flexibly.

This opens up new opportunities for businesses including arbitrage and grid contracts to generate revenue, increase energy efficiency, and power resilience.

Maximising existing on-site generation (such as PV and Cogen):

Due to the tailored design of each solution, which is based on a thorough understanding of a client’s needs and existing assets, VIRTUE can be manufactured to complement the existing on-site generation. This allows a business to enhance its energy efficiency and maximise on its other generation without the concern of making existing investments redundant.

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging:

Due to the limitations of the existing UK energy network’s infrastructure, on-site EV charging can be unviable for many businesses due to not having the required demand to support the charging of one vehicle, let alone a fleet.

VIRTUE EV is a combined DC rapid/fast charger and energy storage system with integrated solar (PV) canopies, which allows a site with limited grid capacity to charge vehicles without upgrading infrastructure.

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To learn more about any of the applications of the VIRTUE energy storage solution, or to discuss the business case for your site, please contact one of our experts today using the short form below or emailing [email protected]

Powerstar VIRTUE is designed and manufactured to the highest recognised international standards, providing assurance that the solutions represent the most efficient and highest quality systems on the market.

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