Electric Vehicle Rapid Charging Technologies

VIRTUE EV is a combined DC rapid/fast charger and energy storage system with an integrated solar (PV) canopy.

As a bespoke product, everything can be customised to suit the client’s requirements including the charger head (i.e. CHAdeMO/type 1/type2), the integrated solar canopy (i.e. 6/12kW) and the capacity to charge (i.e. 50/100/150kW). VIRTUE EV’s ability to be adapted and scaled as required makes it a future-proof investment as the government implements its ‘Road to Zero’ strategy.

VIRTUE EV – System Overview

VIRTUE EV: Electric vehicle rapid chargerThe VIRTUE EV demonstration unit, based at the Powerstar head office in Sheffield, has a 50kW rapid DC and 11kW fast AC charger which can be connected to a 16A grid supply and still deliver 106A DC rapid charge to EV cars.

The system provides both off-grid electric vehicle rapid charging and  electric vehicle fast charging through an AC charger, allowing a site with limited grid capacity to charge vehicles without upgrading grid infrastructure. It can also be charged directly through renewable generation so that the charging of vehicles can be done independently from the grid.

All VIRTUE EV systems are provided with solar canopy integrated connectivity with single units.

VIRTUE EV – Benefits

VIRTUE EV is an application of the Powerstar VIRTUE energy storage system and is capable of utilising the energy stored through this solution to charge electric vehicles. The key benefits of VIRTUE EV include the ability to:

  • Avoid costly upgrades and investment in infrastructure changes
  • Reduce the amount of kWh the load takes from the grid, in turn reducing carbon emissions
  • Remove the need for inverters with solar integration
  • Reduce costs by reducing consumption during peak DUoS periods
  • Generate additional income through participation in grid contract programmes
  • Provide full UPS capabilities to the load at all times (if required)
  • Reduces the likelihood of energy-related failures which can total as much as 17% of annual revenues
  • Provide renewable firming

VIRTUE EV offers local electric vehicle rapid charging and storage that greatly reduces demand spikes caused by electric vehicles connecting to the grid. It supplies the highest possible charging rate by utilising stored energy to deal with the sudden large demand of power, which not only helps with the wider infrastructure but also the local network.

VIRTUE EV – Features

VIRTUE EV can be tailored to match customers specifications; whether this is a system with integrated renewable generation, a unit for use within restricted space or a solution that can bring additional revenues.

There are multiple options that can be added or altered to meet your specific needs, these include:

  • Wi-fi built into the VIRTUE EV design to provide internet access for users
  • A customised interface (HMI) for a user-friendly process
  • Credit card payment systems for ease of payment and additional revenues
  • An online booking service to allow users to plan their journey


An EU grant has been awarded towards the development of 15 VIRTUE EV systems for use on the Isle of Wight ‘InteGRIDy’ project. The VIRTUE EV  charging units will provide:

  • UPS to users
  • Fast EV charging to connected cars
  • Balancing demand services


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