We’re sorry: you’ve been redirected to this page because www.VO4.co.uk is no longer operational


Powerstar has taken the decision to remove the VO4 voltage optimisation website (www.VO4.co.uk) as it is no longer a true reflection of the Powerstar range of products.

Powerstar no longer produces VO4 systems for residential properties/customers, however, it does still produce voltage optimisation systems specifically designed for smaller 3-phase premises, which falls under the Powerstar LITE range of products.



Who can benefit from a small three phase system?

Typical business customers that benefit from smaller three phase voltage optimisation systems are sites using up to 300,000 kWh per annum, these typically include:

Retail outlets, restaurants, launderettes, hotels, funeral parlours, GP surgeries, coffee shops & cafes, gyms & health clubs, small industrial units, office facilities and garden centres.

As part of a wide-reaching range, Powerstar LITE has been proven to deliver significant energy cost and consumption savings across virtually all sectors. To find out if you could benefit from one of our smaller solutions, you can arrange a free, no obligation site survey or contact us with your enquiry by using the buttons below.



Q: Do you still produce voltage optimisation systems for smaller sites?

A: Yes, but only for commercial sites, we no longer produce systems for the domestic market.

Q: Does the Powerstar LITE system provide the same benefits as the VO4?

A: Yes, the technology within VO4 systems was the same as the Powerstar systems. All Powerstar systems are manufactured bespoke to meet the individual needs of clients and therefore are designed to deliver maximum benefit to each customer.

Q: I am a small business that previously acquired a VO4, who can I contact regarding future purchases?

A: You can contact any member of the Powerstar team by phone or email who will be happy to assist you.

Q: I purchased a VO4 system which is still under warranty and have recently experienced a fault, who should I contact?

A: In the first instance, you should always contact the stockist who sold your system as your warranty is with them. If you have any further questions regarding this matter, you can contact us on [email protected]

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our VO4 customers for their patience and understanding.




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