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Voltage Optimization: Americas

Voltage optimization is a smart energy technology used to reduce the incoming power supply to a level optimal for on-site electrical equipment, providing savings to annual consumption, costs and CO2 emissions.

The primary benefits of voltage optimization are as follows:

Benefits of voltage optimisation

  • SAVE: Money on electricity costs
  • PROTECT: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and company reputation
  • REDUCE: Financial risks, lower capital costs and increase the bottom line
  • CUT: Carbon footprint and CO2¬†emissions


Fixed vs. variable voltage optimization

Depending on the characteristics of a site, fixed or variable LV optimization systems can deliver significant benefits to energy efficiency. Powerstar LITE is a ‘fixed’ voltage optimization system and Powerstar MAX is an ‘electronic-dynamic’ voltage optimization system, both provide significant benefits for high energy users.

Powerstar LITE provides a set level reduction matched from incoming supply and administered through a predefined tap range whereas the Powerstar MAX solutions maintain a stable voltage supply for unstable voltage profiles through using intelligent electronic controls which automatically adjust the voltage to ensure a constant level.

Both systems clean and condition the incoming power supply, which optimizes the incoming voltage by a set amount in order to match electrical equipment requirements on-site providing benefits including:

  • Energy consumption savings
  • Reduced wear and tear on electrical equipment
  • Lowered carbon emissions
  • Significant savings on electricity bills
  • Additional savings through induced negative power (back EMF), an inherent benefit of Powerstar’s patented design
  • All systems are backed by a 100% savings guarantee

However, in addition to the above, Powerstar MAX systems also stabilise the incoming power supply, regulating the voltage to a level which closely meets the electrical equipment requirements on-site and maintains it at this level irrespective of fluctuations in the incoming voltage profile providing security and stability to incoming voltage and generating additional savings for suitable sites.

High Voltage (HV) Optimization

Powerstar HV MAX integrates voltage optimization with a super low loss transformer with an amorphous core to offer improved efficiencies on the HV side and energy consumption savings on the LV side, providing a combined solution. This is the perfect solution for sites that operate their own HV/LV distribution transformer, particularly if that transformer is older and less efficient that modern transformers.

The reason businesses need to optimize voltage is to correct the problems caused by the HV infrastructure.

Unless the HV distribution transformer is brand new, it is more efficient to correct the issue at source by upgrading to a super low loss transformer with an amorphous core.

The benefits associated with upgrading transformers include:

  • A super low loss transformer with an amorphous core that is 99% efficient
  • Delivers up to 3% annual efficiency savings in comparison to conventional transformers
  • When loaded to 75%, HV transformer losses are reduced by 73%
  • At no load, HV transformer losses are reduced by 57% (compared to conventional transformers)
  • Optional HV online remote monitoring functionality for performance information such as core temperature and winding current
by installing voltage optimization, Customers can expect to benefit from:
  • Average 8-10% savings on annual electricity consumption with LV optimization, and 10-12% with HV optimization
  • A typical return on investment of 2-4 years
  • Reduced harmonic distortion and improved power factor
  • Intelligent real-time online remote monitoring (optional extra on LITE systems)
  • A patented design
  • Up to 10 years warranty and estimated 50 year lifespan


Powerstar delivers a concept to completion turnkey solution, which provides customer’s an engineered solution to their energy targets challenges.

All Powerstar voltage optimization systems are fully designed and manufactured in the UK to meet the requirements of each site. Through this approach to voltage optimization, Powerstar is able to produce the correct application for each building, delivering maximum saving and efficiency for every client.

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