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Power resilience for a net zero world

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What is on-site energy storage and why is it beneficial?






Reliable access to electricity is necessary for the majority of modern businesses, being used day in day out to keep everything running smoothly. Many businesses don’t see this as an area they have much control over, with most relying solely on connection to the National Grid. This results in them having very little flexibility and control over their energy usage and can lead to wasted energy and a larger carbon footprint.

On-site energy storage offers an alternative way for businesses to supply energy to their sites. On-site energy storage allows businesses the ability to store their energy supply locally, increasing the level of control and flexibility they have over how their energy is used.

What is on-site energy storage?

On-site energy storage is when energy that has been generated is stored near or on the premises that it will later be used on. The energy is often stored in large batteries that hold the energy and can then discharge it where and when it’s needed. This type of energy storage is often referred to as behind-the-meter (BtM), as it is connected on the site’s demand side of the meter.

Because on-site energy storage doesn’t have to rely solely on power from the National Grid, it is often paired with on-site energy generation. This is commonly a green form of energy such as solar (PV), wind, or combined heat & power (CHP). Renewable generation and energy storage are the perfect combination as the battery can store the electricity generated and discharge it at any time, even during periods when generation is low, which is particularly advantageous for intermittent generation sources like solar and wind.

It’s important to note that on-site energy storage can still be used alongside the National Grid as the main energy source. Some sites integrate energy storage alongside their grid connection and their pre-existing energy strategy to allow increased flexibility and control over their energy use.

Who uses on-site energy storage?

On-site energy storage is used by many different industries for a variety of purposes. It can be used by healthcare sites to provide Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) in case of a power cut and provide continuous power to vital equipment. It is used in manufacturing to provide greater energy efficiency, cutting costs and environmental damage. It can also be used by any sites aiming to bolster their green credentials and utilise renewable generation to cut carbon emissions and strive for net zero.

What are the benefits of on-site energy storage?

There are many benefits to on-site energy with different benefits being relevant to each industry. The main four elements on-site energy storage provides is efficiency, flexibility, resilience and insight. All these elements should result in reduced costs and more environmentally friendly practice.


Off-grid energy storage and power resilience

The off-grid energy infrastructure provided by on-site energy storage can be vital for businesses that rely on continuous energy supply. For large businesses, or companies with sensitive equipment and expensive materials, even a small disruption to power could result in massive revenue loss.

Through power resilience technology such as an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) businesses can have a reliable backup to protect their site from a power cut. These power supplies can be charged with the unused energy supplied to the site, or overnight, so you don’t have to worry about charging them and can always be assured they will be ready when you need them.

Maximising and storing renewable energy

There is an ever increasing demand for renewable and green energy, with more and more businesses aiming for carbon neutrality. Having on-site renewable energy generation is a great step towards this goal but it creates the inherent problem of storing the energy generated.

On-site energy storage can help maximise renewable energy storage by collecting energy throughout the day and letting sites use it when needed. Systems can also be designed to be energy efficient, reducing energy loss and allowing businesses to get more out of the same level of generation. It’s important to note that renewable energy can work alongside other forms of generation resulting in greater overall energy efficiency.

Energy optimisation and voltage regulation

On-site energy storage allows businesses to have more control over their energy output. With low voltage optimisation technologies, you can optimise the voltage level supplied to your site, providing reduced annual electricity consumption and costs. This is especially useful for industries which rely on large amounts of electricity and continuous use of electrical equipment.

Integrating voltage optimisation solutions with energy storage can optimise the electricity voltage for the site, depending on the electrical equipment present. This increases overall energy efficiency  and can help reduce the sites carbon footprint and energy costs. This also helps increase the lifespan of the site’s equipment, preventing early burnout due to a higher supply voltage than is required to run the equipment. All electrical equipment has an ideal voltage input, when it is running at this voltage the equipment runs at maximum efficiency which extends the lifespan of the equipment.
Powerstar VIRTUE

Powerstar VIRTUE is a behind-the-meter energy storage solution that is perfect for on-site energy storage for any application, and offers integrated energy management giving businesses the control and flexibility they need. VIRTUE battery storage is custom made for each business allowing it to be adapted to suit the needs of each client. The ability to tailor your on-site energy storage allows for greater efficiency and flexibility, lowering long-term energy costs and providing greater security.

The VIRTUE system from Powerstar also has an integrated Energy Optimisation System (EOS), which was developed in-house to intelligently manage the system’s objectives, priorities, and performance. Powerstar’s EOS boasts advanced algorithms alongside AI learning technology to provide the most accurate and efficient energy storage system for your site. This includes secure online remote monitoring and management functionality to allow constant view of the system’s operation and performance.

Find out about the full range of benefits Powerstar VIRTUE has to offer, speak to our team of energy experts today

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