Driving Sustainability Goals

Demonstrating clear, measurable sustainability improvements and a pathway towards achieving net zero is crucial for all businesses. Key stakeholders including customers, partners, and investors will all be looking closely at your organisation’s sustainability credentials.

Every organisation also has a role to play in reducing carbon emissions and addressing climate change. For businesses, environmental responsibility is also integral to good governance and risk management.

Improved sustainability is an opportunity for new business opportunities, growth and profitability. Better sustainability is a vital part of refining operations, unlocking new markets and prospects, and attracting investment through enhanced Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) practices.

Why it matters

Amid growing environmental awareness, overlooking decarbonization can pose risks for businesses, such as:

  • Climate change impact due to increased carbon emissions.
  • Regulatory non-compliance risks and legal penalties.
  • Escalating energy expenses from reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Brand reputation damage and loss of consumer trust.
  • Vulnerability to supply chain disruptions and resource shortages.
  • Missed opportunities for innovation and market leadership.

How Powerstar Helps

Powerstar’s technology and software solutions deliver substantial sustainability improvements, including:

Reduction carbon footprint

Significant reduction in your carbon footprint and improved energy efficiency.


Unlocking new low-carbon technologies, such as rapid EV charging.


Supporting the electrification of site systems.

energy generation

Enhancing the impact of on-site, clean energy generation.


Real-time decision-making software for energy usage and procurement to minimise carbon intensity.

Our consultative, data-driven approach supports clients in their decarbonisation journeys and in demonstrating improved ESG to key audiences. Clear improvement over time is a key metric for ESG, and our real-time monitoring and reporting allow clients to quantify progress. This data is also invaluable for identifying further sustainability opportunities and determining the best solutions.

A combination of voltage regulation and low-loss transformers saved this leading food manufacturer over £71,000 on their annual energy bills.

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