Overcome Grid Constraints

Increasingly constrained distribution networks can pose significant challenges for businesses.

To keep operations running smoothly and efficiently, as well as open new opportunities for growth and innovation, it is crucial to address these constraints.

Constricted local infrastructure can limit growth, hamper innovation, and increase the risk of power disruption. It is vital to find a solution that not only unlocks projects but also increases independence from constrained grids.

Why it matters

The impact of grid constraints can be substantial, including:
  • Disrupted operations and production downtime.
  • Increased risk of equipment damage.
  • Higher energy costs from backup power use.
  • Reduced productivity
  • Negative impact on business reputation.
  • Limited growth opportunities.
  • Regulatory compliance challenges.

How Powerstar Helps

This is where our smart microgrid solution can offer substantial benefits. These include:

Enhanced Independence from the Grid

Mitigating the impact of local grid constraints and periods of narrow capacity margin.

Increased Site Capacity

Facilitating the expansion of your operations to meet escalating demands.

Secure Investment in Low-Carbon Technologies

Such as rapid EV charging without the risk of objections or exceeding site capacity.

Clear Pathway to Overcoming Grid Constraints

Optimising efficiency and ensuring sustained business growth.

Using a smart microgrid solution, clients not only address the challenge of grid constraints but also position their business for independence, expansion, and greater resilience. Solving infrastructure constraints can be complicated, and for this reason, our technical expertise, modelling, and design capabilities make us the ideal partner to unlock vital projects and drive growth in our client’s businesses.

Model energy systems in real-time allowed the client to implement a vital testing capability that would otherwise have been extremely difficult.

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