Protect Your Power

Maintaining a reliable, high-quality power supply across a site is crucial for sustained productivity and profitability.

As electrification and digitisation increase, ensuring power resilience for all equipment and systems on a site becomes vital.

While power outages are a rare occurrence, their frequency is increasing due to a growing reliance on intermittent renewable power. Power outages are disruptive, and they often lead to downtime, loss of productivity, and, most importantly, financial losses.

Why it matters

Failing to address power quality and consistency issues can risk:
  • Equipment Damage
  • Reduced Efficiency
  • Operational Disruption
  • Data Loss
  • Downtime and Revenue Loss
  • Loss of Productivity

How Powerstar Helps

Powerstar works with clients to manage their energy priorities, while minimising wasted resources and protecting operations from disruption.

Seamless Power Transition

An immediate shift to backup power within milliseconds of a power failure, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Cost Savings and Downtime Prevention

Avoid expensive downtime, mitigating potential revenue losses.

Reputation and Trust Assurance

Secure your reputation and customer trust by showcasing resilience and reliability, even in challenging situations.

Localised Control

Localised management allows prompt response to power distribution issues.

Voltage Optimisation

Conditions incoming voltage, eliminating variations that disrupt sensitive equipment.

Every site faces unique power resilience and quality challenges. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. A holistic approach is crucial, including identifying potential points of failure and selecting the right solutions.

Powerstar is here to support your organisation in achieving robust power resilience and minimising the impact of disruption. We work alongside clients to identify and resolve potential points of failure, ensuring reliable and efficient energy infrastructure.

Explore the Powerstar advantage for a seamlessly optimised energy future.

The Powerstar battery energy storage system, installed in 2019, is providing full UPS capabilities to the AESSEAL® site.

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