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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Energy White Papers

We have created these energy white papers focusing on challenges and opportunities presented through the energy transition, to support our clients with the energy trilemma.

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Manufacturing and Power Resilience

Operational improvements, new technologies and processes present a wave of opportunities for manufacturers. Manufacturing represents one of the most energy intensive sectors and this greater reliance on technology can make site more vulnerable to power disruption. The huge benefits offered by new digital processes can only be properly secured when your site is protected by a comprehensive, site-wide resilience strategy.

Solving Energy Pressures for Food and Drink Manufacturers

Minimising the impact of elevated energy prices and finding ways to make a business more energy efficient are vital in managing costs and
protecting increasingly narrow profit margins.
Finding solutions to this is challenging. In this white paper we outline the options available to achieve cost-effective, sustainable energy solutions to achieve energy efficiency, decarbonise process and support growth.

NHS White Paper: Solving the Healthcare Sector's Energy Trilemma

Supporting NHS Trusts and healthcare providers to balance their energy priorities. All organisations face a growing challenge to balance their energy priorities. Conflicting but equally important priorities pull on limited resources, time, and infrastructure.

The World Energy Council refers to this challenge as the Energy Trilemma. NHS Trusts face critical pressures across all three aspects of the trilemma.

Manufacturing White Paper: Building Resilience for Industry 4.0

The shift to Industry 4.0 presents a huge opportunity for UK manufacturers to increase productivity and build more connected processes and supply chains. Properly implemented, it can offer reductions in downtime, improvements in quality and production, better asset utilisation and huge increases in overall productivity.

Partner White Paper: Delivering on Customers’ Complex Energy Objectives

Companies across the energy sector are finding both they and their customers are facing an increasingly complex and urgent need to find new, innovative solutions to their energy management concerns. We lay out some of the growing range of sustainable energy infrastructure technologies available to your end customers, and how each of them integrates into the varying needs of the energy trilemma

Energy Trilemma White Paper: Tackling the Energy Crisis with Intelligent Infrastructure

Any organisation faces a growing challenge to balance their energy priorities, as differing but equally important priorities pull their limited resources, time, and infrastructure towards sometimes disparate goals. On an international level, the World Energy Council refers to this challenge as the Energy Trilemma. On a smaller scale, any organisation is faced with the same problems and the same challenge to ensure that each element is balanced.

Energy Efficiency White Paper: Solving the Price Crisis Through Energy Efficiency

Every UK business has been impacted by the energy crisis, with  insolvencies for UK businesses reaching their highest level since 2009,  higher even than during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

For those that have managed to navigate the crisis so far, 2023 is still set to present further challenges, with a reduction in the support available from April onwards and an unclear picture of where wholesale electricity and gas prices will go next.

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