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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Energy White Papers

We have created two energy  white papers focusing on two key sectors and the challenges they face through the energy transition and help them deal with the energy trilemma.

NHS White Paper: Solving the Healthcare Sector's Energy Trilemma

Supporting NHS Trusts and healthcare providers to balance their energy priorities. All organisations face a growing challenge to balance their energy priorities. Conflicting but equally important priorities pull on limited resources, time, and infrastructure.

The World Energy Council refers to this challenge as the Energy Trilemma. NHS Trusts face critical pressures across all three aspects of the trilemma.

Manufacturing White Paper: Building Resilience for Industry 4.0

The shift to Industry 4.0 presents a huge opportunity for UK manufacturers to increase productivity and build more connected processes and supply chains. Properly implemented, it can offer reductions in downtime, improvements in quality and production, better asset utilisation and huge increases in overall productivity.

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